Good Morning!

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Good morning everyone! ^-^

Still trying to get up at a good time since I'm going to school next week, but managed to get up at 8 today! 👌
Yesterday I was at the gym and now my journey on getting healthier and stronger has really begun!
Actually going there again later today, probably around 18-ish. 😁 Feels great because I did more things than I thought I could, so I got surprised and I feel very proud over myself! 😄 This summer has been very eventful, with both good and bad. But I've been trying and trying to get healthier and stronger until school started at the 21th of august.
I am healthier and stronger now, but not near enough for me to be satisfied with it. xD
So now it's just to continue and work hard! 😁💪

So I bought some new training shoes because the ones I had were.. Painful xD scratched me up.. So new shoes and a shake-thing so I can have easier to eat. Since I tend to forget that a lot. Also I armband to keep my phone in! ^_^ ✨