Favorite Youtubers. ^-^

WahlieTv is one of my favorite YouTube channels, they are amazing! ^-^ Wah and Weylie and their super cute animals.
I've been following their channel for a bit over 4 years. 💗
Watched every vlog and I can really recommend these two. ^^ Weylie and Wah has their own personal channels as well. ^^ Only that Wah hasn't uploaded for like a year, but Weylie is pretty active on her personal channel. ^^

This is her latest video, she does a lot of makeup, outfits, questions, talking about different things and a lot of other things. ^^ It was through her videos I came across her and her boyfriends channel. ^-^

Here is Wah's latest video, from one year ago. I think he will become more active on this as well. ^^ Although I think that their vlog channel takes up a lot of time. n_n