Long time since I updated this..
I'm still alive 😁 still not completely 100% in my legs yet but I'm still fighting. 👌

Dixie has turned 1 years old and I'm now 25.. feels pretty surreal actually. O.o

I'm still knitting and crocheting. ^^ I'm also going to try to do embroidery :3 found some awesome patterns I want to try. ❤

At this very moment I'm sitting in the couch and watching Rambo 2 and knitting on the socks in the picture ^^ they are for my dad😍

Hope all of you are doing great and having a good day!

Until next time! 🦄

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Here is some pictures I took at school. ^^ a lovely performance by the music students. ^^

I decorated a candle. :3
Really proud of myself, I had surprisingly a lot of patience.. xD and we didn't burn anything! :D
woop woop! I need to do more of this! So much fun! :D

Yuuuum! This is soo delicious. First time I've done it too xD haha! and they came out great. ^^
Maria and I was in the same group! ^^

While we were driving to our forest adventure. A absolutely STUNNING and AMAZING day. ^^
Everything was perfect. I'm very happy I could come too since my legs still don't cooperate with me.
But to be outside, -6, sunshine and no wind.. Perfect winter day. :3

Here I am, helping to make a bivouac, I can't stand without support and my legs keep bending so I was sitting but helping out to dig and throw snow to a huge pile. ^^
It was so much fun. :D Everyone was doing a great job!
Photo by: Johan Ranbrant

Yum yum! :3



Good evening everyone. I just had a GREAT time playing Borderlands 2 with; Lizz, Mattis and Thomas.
Haven't really been in the mood for games lately but this was so much fun!
I'm in love with playing sniper! 😍

Loads of laughs and miniature panic when enemies come, working as a team and owning! 😁
I can definitely recommend this game to you guys! Very fun and awesome to play with friends. :3

I'm also starting a new pair of socks. ^-^ I just finished a pair for myself, soooo comfortable! 😍
Had them on all day. x3

I mean just look at them! So fricking comfortable! and they are almost to my knees. o.o

I looove it! :D



Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a good day, today has been very interesting. We had a lecture today about honor-murder and honor-related violence. It was very interesting.

I realized that I don't really know much about it and it really opened my eyes, made me think a lot. 🌸

Also I have started knitting on my third pair of socks. 😍 These ones are going to be grey. ^^
Not 50 shades of grey though 😉 I made an open Instagram account where I will upload stuff I knit mostly. :3
and for my friends I know that don't have Instagram, you should be able to see what I upload. ^^

Click here to come to that page! For my friends and followers that do have Instagram can give it a follow!
This week I have school, so I have to be there Monday - Friday xD
Only tomorrow I get to study from home since I can't come on the activity they are doing outside. D:
I will be writing on my exam and knit all day probably. 😁

Haven't knitted too far yet though but they are going to be so pretty! 😍



I've been knitting a lot lately. ^^ Just finished these socks for Sandra. ^^
I think it's funny how calm and happy this makes me. :3
That thinking a year ago I couldn't knit worth shit and now I've created my second pair of awesome socks! :D




Haha, yeah. I made fricking socks! 😉 I'm making my second pair now. ^^ Made these for Rob, he loves them! ^^ Says they are warm and cozy. 😍 Which is going to fit perfectly since wintertime is coming.
Since my accident I haven't been able to do much of anything.. So I picked up knitting again, this time around it makes me relax and makes me happy. Even more so since my best friend Sandra and I have "knitting dates" over Skype and we talk and knit together. It been making me happy. ^^

It's been very helpful when I can't sleep, which happens alot. So I knit, which I have to concentrate and that makes me tired and makes me fall asleep. Like the first sock took me 8 days to make, the second one I started around 16 the day after and by 13 the next day I was done.. xD Was up knitting to about 4 in the morning.. -.-'' xD

But hey! They turned out great and made him happy! 😉

Zoey follows me everywhere in the apartment.. Everything from snuggles to taking over my walker is her daily duty as a kitten. xD I love this cat so much! 💗 she has an amazing personality, even though she drives me insane some times. 💗

I am going to try once more to sleep. Hope you all have a good night. 🌸



That's right! I actually have a twitch channel as well, I'm setting everything up and trying to make it all
work. ^^ But my plan is actually to start streaming so you all can see everything from scratch or hear my reaction on certain things in game. ^^

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Hello everyone! 🌺 Hope you all are having a great day so far, I'm super tired but feel okay. ^^
Been having a really hard time sleeping lately, but it's better to get up and do something instead of doing what I feel like doing. - lay in bed and think about how damn tired I am. Haha! 😂
Right now I am sitting on the couch and writing on my exam report, listening to some music and hearing the guinea pigs talk to each other. ^^ They are two very happy boys since they just got their lunch. 😉

Zoey was running around like a maniac but she has calmed down now and she is asleep at the moment.
She always gets so excited when I get up, I just think it's because I give her the soft...stinky food she loves! 😁

Have you guys ever hear about Buckethead?
I've been listening to him for months now, and especially this song. I LOVE the guitar in the beginning! 😍

Just listen to it and let me know what you think! 😃 Write in the comment section down below! ^^
I think it's cool that no one knows who he is, but truly an amazing guitarist!