There is no denying, that designer brands make some of the most beautiful bags in the world. However most people are not willing or capable of spending $ 2000 or more on a handbag, no matter how stunning it might be. I, for one, am in no way capable of spending that amount of money right now, nor do I believe that I will ever be able to. But I am okay with that, that is not a must for me, as it is for others. I love fashion, believe me I do, but it is not one the same level as many other beauty/fashion bloggers out there. So I try and find a cheaper more available alternative, a dupe.

One bag that have been making its way on almost every social media platform I frequent on is the gorgeous Dionysus bag from Gucci. It comes in a wide variety of styles, materials and prints, but my favourite is the Dionysus Suede Shoulder bag. It just takes my breath away, but so does the price! I have been looking for dupes in what seem like forever, not wanting to buy a knock off from a shady online site, and you could only imagine how choked I was to find THE ONE in little old Gina Tricot! For those of you, who are not familiar with this brand, it is a Swedish brand with stores around Europe, and it is very affordable. I went online and searched for “Dionysus bag dupe” and after a while and a bit of digging, I struck gold! Their new Olivia bag is the closest I’ve come to finding the perfect dupe for the Dionysus.

Now as you can see when comparing the two, it’s not completely the same, but it has some similarities such as the magnetic “dragon” lock on the front. This is actually the detail I fell for with the bag. It has a nice weighty chain as a strap with a faux leather band for where it hits your shoulder. Now this bag only costs around $37, whereas the Gucci one is $2500. For the price being this low, the quality is rather good. It’s not leather of course, but the material feels soft and sturdy. Inside it has got three compartments, all rather small maybe 1,5 cm/0,5 inch, so you cannot fit a whole lot in it, but that is exactly why I got it. I already own a messenger backpack from Rains and a midsized shoulder bag from Aldo, what I needed was a smaller bag that could hold the bare necessities.

For me that include a small wallet (got to have that!), mints (you never know who you might meet), ​blotting paper from Essence (Glow? Yes. Shine? Hell no!), my favourite and holy grail lipstick from Kat von D Beauty in ‘​Lolita ’ and last but not least a ​lip oil again from Essence in ‘I care for you, honey’.

This all I really need when going out. No more, no less.

What is in your bag? Let me know in the comments.

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I do not know, if I am the only one noticing this, but I feel as if there has been a lot of hate going around, especially on social media such as YouTube and Instagram. It might always have been this way, and I have been blind, but now that I have noticed it, I feel as if it is everywhere.

It seems as if people prefer the hate to anything else, or at least it does to me. When I go on YouTube, I see ‘fail videos’ everywhere I look in my feed of beauty channels, with thumbnails where they make certain faces at the products. And I have noticed it with especially one of my subscriptions, where she seems to be overly dramatic when reviewing a ‘fail’ product, being way over the top. I get it! You do not like this product, but please, you do not have to dry heave or make gagging sounds because of it. There are better ways to review a product, where you do not have to slam and overly critique the product and company. But this is, sadly, what most of the viewers want. They want to see the overly animated YouTuber hate the product.

This makes me ask the questions: when have we become so obsessed with hating? Since when did we want to see people hate things, more than love them? Why do we feel, that it is okay to spread the hate and aim it at others, especially people we do not know?

The comment sections on YouTube and Instagram have a tendency to flood with hate and nastiness. People saying extremely mean things to each other, without even knowing one another. I might be old school, but I have been thought, that if you do not have anything nice to say, then you do not say it, unless it is as constructive feedback. I for one try to be as positive and encouraging as possible, when on social media. A couple of days ago, I was following in on a live stream on Instagram. A woman I follow had taken up knitting, and was doing it on the live stream. It was her first time ever picking up the pins and yarn, and I having a bit of knowledge tried to guide her, when she asked. I encouraged her, tried to motivate her to keep going even though she knew, that she sometimes made a mistake. She seemed to be almost humbled by my encouragement, saying that I should take up motivational speaking. I, of course, was happy to see, that my comments and tips had made her feel more confident with this new project. Positivity spreading positivity, love spreading love. But this made me think, that we might be more used to getting negative feedback, and we almost expect it, rather than positive or constructive feedback.

It is not only on YouTube, but in everyday life. Take this as an example:

I wrote a job application to a Danish makeup company, and got a phone call asking me to come in to an interview. I got there (‘there’ being almost 110 miles away from my home), had the interview and heard nothing back from them for the next FOUR weeks. When they finally reached back to me, it was to inform me that they would like to see me again. So I go, had the interview and again, silence for two weeks. When they called I thought to myself, “okay, they are going to tell me, that they went with someone else, fine”, but they did not! They wanted to see me for a third time, and this time I would meet the head of the company. By this time, the time between the first and third job interview was almost two months, quite a long time if you ask me. But I thought to myself, that this is a big and professional company, maybe they had a lot on their plate, and I really want this job. It being the third interview, I might be on the verge of getting it. We had the third interview, and the head of HR told me, that she thought it went rather well. The next day I was greeted with an email from them, but it was not a follow up email on the interview, but instead a test! They wanted me to solve two cases for them, and send it back to them, so they got an idea of what I was capable of. I was lost for words. They had had my application and resume the whole time, and at every interview I had stated what I could and could not do, and then they send me a test?! I was a bit choked at their way of handling this. Nevertheless, I did what they asked me to do, send it back and received… silence. Again. Two days later, I tried phoning them, but with no answer. I wrote them an email, asking if they had gotten my previous email from the test, and asking if they had come to a conclusion regarding the job and me. The next they the head of HR called.. with bad news. She was sad to say, that they could not offer me to position.

Obviously, I was sad not to have gotten the job, but I was not angry. Everyone around me, however, that had heard the whole story, got angry and very upset. Some even wanting to contact the company and giving them they two cents. What would they accomplice by doing that? Would the company suddenly change their mind and hire me, because people got angry at their way of handling this application process? No. I was amazed at how many people around me got angry, some stating that they would boycott the brand and start to ‘spread the message’.

Why the hate, I ask. What good can possibly come from spreading hate? Nothing, is you ask me. You give what you get, so why give hate? If you go into something with a negative mind set, the outcome will in most cases be negative. So why not spread some love, give a compliment and encouraging words to others.

A little love never hurt nobody, but a little hate can do a lot of damage.



For some time now, liquid lipsticks has been all the rage. Almost every brand has come out with liquid lipsticks, often with a matt finish, and the 'normal' lipstick as we know it took a backseat. And when I turn to look at my makeup collection, all of my lipsticks are more or less liquid lipsticks, with the exception of Urban Decays Sheer Revolution Lipstick in 'Liar' and some of Kat von D's Studded Kiss Lipsticks. I find it quite fascinating how shift in lipstick trends have completely changed my collection. Before I used to have five or six normal, hydrating and glossy lipsticks, and now I only own matt finishes and liquids, except for the before mentioned Urban Decay one.

So, which brands do I own, you ask? Kat von D and Jeffree Star, of course! I have tried different liquid lipsticks from different brands, but these two are my favourites. I have tried the hyped Colourpop ​Ultra Matte Lipsticks, but they didn't suit me, and I found them to be too drying on my lips. GOSH Copenhagen's new ​Liquid Matte Lip (reviewed in a previous blog post) was a bit too heavy on my lips and didn't completely dry down. But as with most things, it's down to personal preference. I tend to have dry lips, so I prefer a very lightweight formula, almost watery in consistency, that glides smoothly over the lips and dries down to a complete matt finish, without drying out the lips and settling too much in the fine lines. And a added bonus is if it makes you forget that you're wearing lipstick! For me, Kat von D and Jeffree Star deliver on all of these points.

Now let's not get into this feud, that happened between Kat von D and Jeffree Star some odd months back. This is their products we are talking about, not them, their brand or personalities.

The first one of the two I tried was from Kat von D, and it was her Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the colour 'Double Dare'. I had heard SO much about both this colour and the formulation, so I must admit I had quite high expectations. But as soon as I put the doe-foot applicator to my lips, I realised I had underestimated the product! It went over my lips with extreme ease and even though the applicator is a bit longer than any other I've tried, the product spread evenly and it was easy to create a crisp line and definition. And most importantly, I couldn't feel it on my lips! I was amazed and surprised over the fact, that it was so soft and seemed to merge with my lips. Since buying 'Double Dare' I've gotton two travel sizes in 'Lolita II' and 'Outlaw', all three are favourites and I wear them daily. The colour selection is ever evolving, and they are adding a bunch of colours to their already 30+ shade collection later on in the year.

Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipstick almost became a must try after the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. It seems that YouTube was almost flooded by review of the two, and many put them up against each other, mainly because of Kat and Jeffree's longtime friendship, but later because of their social media feud. But as I stated earlier, that's now why we're here. The formulation of the Velour Liquid Lipstick are even more lightweight and watery than KvD's, but at that expense it's not as creamy in texture as the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. And I find, that because of this, it has a tendency to sit in my lines, exaggerate them and make them feel a bit dry, thereby making me aware of the fact that I'm wearing lipstick. Other than that, the products are both stunning and feel great on the lips. There is a difference in the applicator, as seen in the picture. Whereas KvD has a small doe-foot with very fine short 'hair' on it, the Jeffree Star has a bigger and more fluffy doe-foot applicator, which can make it difficult to create a crisp line in first try. I find myself having to go in with a precision brush and clean up the edges. When it comes to overall staying power, Jeffree Star takes a small lead, because this product really grabs on and won't let go! The colour selection is much more 'out there' than Kvd, with everything from black to stark white in the collection, there's really something for everyone in Star's collection. I have two colours, one being 'Androgyny' the other 'Designer Blood', and I love them both.

Overall I prefer Kat von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick more than Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipstick, but they are both great lipsticks in terms of formula, colour and staying power. The reason I choose KvD over Star is mainly the texture of the lipstick, but also the fact that the scent of Star's lipsticks really isn't my cup of tea.

Now both brands are up there in terms of price. Some budget alternatives I personally love and have are NYX's Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick and their Soft Matte Lip Cream. They don't have the same staying power as KvD or Star, but they are a great budget friendly alternative, and they do some great colours both everyday neutrals and showstoppers.

What are your favourite liquid lipstick? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time, see ya!



First things first: This is not all of my makeup. It's just the tip of the iceberg. I won't say that I own a ton of makeup, not right now at least, but I do own my fair share of it. Last summer/the beginning of fall last year I decided to go cruelty free in regards to my makeup, so I got rid of about 70% of my entire collection. I've never really given it much thought, but after seeing a video by Jessica Haze talking about why she went cruelty-free, I decided to make the transition myself. Luckily some of the best makeup brands are cruelty-free, so it wasn't hard to get rid of the old and find some new (and often better) alternatives.

Cruelty-Free Brands

I didn't really know where to start, when I first made the decision and commitment to go cruelty-free. I had no idea which brands were cruelty-free or not. Thank God for Cruelty-Free Kitty! This site is amazing and extremely helpful! On here you can get answers to questions, dupes for non cruelty-free brands and so much more. They even have a complete list , which the update frequently, of cruelty-free and vegan brands, and they tell you if they're owned by a parent company that do test on animals. Take for instance Urban Decay or NYX: both cruelty-free brands but owned by L'Oréal, who do test on animals. See this is where some people tend to have an issue, because even though Urban Decay and NYX doesn't test on animals, their parent company does, and thereby buying from Urban Decay and NYX you are in some way contributing to L'Oréal. Some choose to not buy from brands with a non cruelty-free parent company, while others (myself included) do buy from these brands. But that's personal preference.

Bad boy China

As if it weren't hard enough to spot, if a brand is cruelty-free, in comes China. China has this weird thing, a law that states that if a brand is to sell makeup in their contry, they have to test it on animals. So, if a brand is sold in China, they cannot be seen as cruelty-free. No bunny stamp for them! See this is where some brands are tricky. L'Oréal is another example of this. On their website they state, that they do not test on animals nor do they delegate the task to others. BUT they sell in China, and so their products are tested on animals. Total misleading information, which Cruelty-Free Kitty of course wrote about on their site. So a huge buyer beware is needed when it comes to brands and how they promote themselves.

My Makeup

So! After having a look on Cruelty-Free Kitty's list I found out, that some of my favorite brands doesn't test on animals. Yay! In my small everyday-collection is the following brands: Kat von D, Urban Decay, ELF, NYX, GOSH. And GOSH COPENHAGEN is actually a Danish brand, double yay for being able to support a cruelty-free band that's located in my homeland. I would say that most of my makeup is from them, or at least the majority of my 'face-base' (foundation, concealer and mascara). But to be honest, the part of my makeup collection I love the most is lips; lipsticks, lipgloss or lipliner, it's my jam!

And Kat von D is my favorite brand with her Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, my go-to being 'Double Dare' with 'Lolita 2' coming in as a close second. They look amazing and sit really well on my lips throughout the day. I highly recommend them! The studded lipstick are more hit or miss, I own 'Lolita' and 'Motörhead', and there's a notable difference between the two. It seems as if the lighter shades are more creamy and go on opague and even, while the darker shades are a bit more uneven in colour. Otherwise NYX makes some awesome lip products as well. I have everything from Liquid Suede to Soft Matte Lip Cream to their Slide On Lip Liner. Love them all!

This was a peak into some of my cruelty-free makeup. I hope you enjoyed it. Are you cruelty-free? And what is your favorite makeup? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time, see ya!



First of let me just get this out there: I'm by no means the most fashionable person outhere. But I know what I like, and have a sense of style (of sorts). I'm not a girly girl, never have been and never will be. From I was able to dress myself, I've avoided the colour pink completely. And for my 18th birthday my friends gave my a 'hate-gift' in which EVERYTHING was pink. And I'm not talking about a pastel pink or toned down pink, oh no, it was candy bubblegum pink! Everything they could come by in this (by my opinion) horrible colour, they added to the gift. So with that cute little story about my hate-relationship with pink, let's get into my sense of style.

My awkward phase

I went through an emo-goth phase from when I was 15 till 18 years old, almost as stereotypical as it can get; skulls, studs, black, dark purple, long combed forward bangs that covered my entire face. Yup, I was SO pretty during this period of time. No offense to people who love this style, it's just not for me, and loocking back I find myself looking extremely goofy. Luckily I evovled from this phase and sort of found my own sense of style, and found people who's style I admire and try to mirror. But hey, 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery' as Oscar Wilde so beautifully put it.

Kate Lanphear, Style Goddess

Kate Lanphere is one of these gorgeous people I try to imitate. She is... urgh just perfection! So perfect that I've made a board on my Pinterest just for images of her and her unique edgy style, because she is my ultimate Style Icon. She has this air about her, that just fascinates me. She's found a way to seemslessly combine edgy features such as heavy metal band tees with a classic elements, such as the black blazer. Besides having an incredible sense of style, she's been the style director for ELLE (US) for a number of years, before moving on to new endevours. She is without a doubt a powerhouse of style and fashion. In an interview with Elle, she describes her style as sych:

"I'd say I began with old-school heavy metal. I love the androgyny and the glam. In high school I covered my bedroom walls with Axl Rose posters. Appetite for Destruction was out, and I trailed Guns N' Roses' tour bus in my Honda Civic (its plates read AXL LVR). I had these amazing, skinny, tight-enough-to- cut-off-your-circulation acid-wash jeans with an inky blue plastic zipper that ran up the seam, purchased at Spencer's Gifts at the mall.[...] Breaking the suburbatopian mold by wearing metalhead garb definitely wasn't something one did to fit in with the cool kids in Fairfax, Virginia."

Growing up in Virginia in an Irish-Catholic family with both parents being judges, Kate and her style stood out from the idea of the all-american girl. When she first entered the world of fashion, she tried to fit it and be like everyone else, but as soon as the opportunity came to dress the way she wanted (acid-washed jeans and all), she took it!

She is the ultimative fashion rebel in my eyes.



Today I got on my bike and drove off to work. Normally I'm looking forward going to work and giving guided tours and workshops... but today a slight sadness came over me, as I parked outside the museum buiding. Not because I didn't want to go to work or speak in front of 20+ people. No I felt sad because I really love the current Disney exhibition we have here at Brandts Museum, but it's slowly creeping toward the closing date, and I'm really sad to see it go. I love Disney, I mean who doesn't, and to think I get to work in part with Disney through this beautiful exhibition and give tours, share information and funny anecdotes about Walt Disney himself and the studio. It will surely be a sad day for me, when the exhibition closes in March and travels to Spain as the next stop on its European tour.

Now, given that it's Disney we are talking about, I can't share photos from the actual exhibition because of copyright. But luckily enough the museum had a book made about the exhibition, so I get to keep a part of it with me always... God, that sounded extremely sentimental! Sorry.

Let's jump back into what I was trying to say, before I became slightly emotionally unstable. I love my job and I love getting to work with Disney. I host guided tours and workshops, and since 'Disney's The Art Of Storytelling' opened in fall last year to a record breaking opening, the bookings haven't stopped! And the diversity of the people booking are astounding. At first I thought the only ones wanting to book a tour would be schools, but as it turns out I was wrong. I've giving more guided tour to larger private groups than school classes, and most resently a large group of elderly. This tour was especially fun, as they were all sent straight back into their childhood as they walked into the exhibition, and started sharing fond childhood memories of their relationship to Disney. It's funny how Disney can do that to you. It's so closely connected to a part of us, well most of us at least, and it brings with it so many fond memories and a feeling a joy and love.... here I go again with the sentimentality. In Denmark it is custom to watch 'From All Of Us To All Of You' on Chrismas Eve, and it has been this way since 1975. For me, Christmas is in part watching Disney, and without it it just doesn't seem right.

Do you have a fond Disney memory, and have you ever visited Disneyland? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time, see ya!



GOSH Coppenhagen started out 2017 with a small Instagram competition for their followers. In it you had to post a picture of your make up table, and I was the lucky winner. As a price I got sent 3 of their newest additions to their make up line; a Liquid Matte Lips in the colour 007 Nougat Crisp, and two of the brand spanking new CCC Sticks (Contour, Cover, Conceal) in 001 Vanilla Highlight and 006 Very Dark.

Liquid Matte Lips is a comfortable matt liquid lipstick and the colour is beautiful. The colour Nougat Crisp is a dark nude on my skin tone (NC15), and it is one of those colours that will suit almost every skintone. The colour payoff is stunning, as it is opaque and even in colour as it glides over the lips. The texture is creamy and a bit thicker than my other liquid matt lipsticks such as Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip or Nyx Liquid Suede Cream. This adds to the dry down time, where it can feel tacky on the lips for a while. It's not completely transfer/kiss proof, but it will stay put on the lips for a couple of hours without moving too much outside the lines. Overall a good liquid matt lipstick, and I would recommend this if you don't like the more drying liquid matt lipsticks on the market.

CCC Stick is a slim hightlight, concealer and/or contour stick. I was sent both the lightest and darkest colour of the range, which are meant to be used as a highlight and contour. As far as I can tell, the collection also holds colours meant as a higher covering concealer than their 'Clickn' Conceal' pen. The sticks are fairly slim and sleek in design, and they will easily fit in just about any make up bag or purse, as they don't take up much space. The only negative thing worth noting about the packaging is the lid... it doesn't want to stay on! Or at least mine won't. There is a click/snap system in the cap, but mine just doesn't seem to grab onto it (Update: it seems I got a dud, because the ones I've seen in stores have very secure lids on them). Of the two my favorite is the highlight, as it is a gorgeous shimmering vanilla with a touch of champagne. It's not glittery or flakey, but smooth and buttery in texture. It can work as both a daily subtile highligh, strobing or as a statement highlight for a night out, as it can easily be blended out or build up. The contour stick has the same beautiful creamy texture, but the colour has just a tad too much orange in its undertone for me to be able to use it as a contour. Instead I use it as a bronzer to warm up my pale porcelain face, and even though this is a skill that still needs mastering, the colour is forgiving should I overdo it, as I can blend it out without having any weird streaks.

Here are the swatches:

When I first swatched the Liquid Matte Lips the colour instantly reminded me of NYX Liquid Suede Cream in Soft Spoken. So naturally I dug it out of my evergrowing listick collection and did a swatch of the two colours side by side. At first I was expecting Nougat Crisp to be darker and more brown than Soft Spoken, but I was wrong. As you can see, Nougat Crisp has a pink undertone with a bit of blue in it (which makes your teeth seem whiter, YAY!), and Soft Spoken has a orange-brownish undertone to it. Both colours are absolutely stunning and are in my 'everyday lipstick' section.

Top: NYX Liquid Suede Cream in Soft Spoken

Bottom: GOSH Copenhagen Liquid Matte Lips in Nougat Crisp

Have any of you tried the new product launches from GOSH Copenhagen, and if so what do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time, see ya!



So... Hello and welcome, I guess.

As you can possibly tell from the bare state of the blog, I'm new at this. I've finally made my mind up to create my own blog after what seems like years of playing with the thought. I did it, not so much for views, readers and/or people in general, but for me, myself and I. A place where I could express myself, my interests, and get it out of my head and maybe do something productive with it.

The blog might be a little chaotic at first, until I find my bearings. But overall the content will be, well, whatever I feel like. This may include fashion, lifestyle, make up and a bit of DIY. And there will be times where I will give a little rant about stuff, because you cannot avoid this, when you feel passionately about things. Rest assured the tone will always be polite and fun, with a bit of tongue in cheek humour.

Oh and fair warning, there will be pictures of sphynx cat Valentine. I'm a cat lady, so there's no discussing that.