Interesting Tips for Playing Challenging Levels of Candy Crush

Candy Crush 33 is the most awaited levels by the players for its thrilling experience and tremendous enjoyment. Starting from level one, the main object of candy crush is to match the candies in the squares in combination of 3 or more. Nevertheless, at level 33, 16 jelly squares must be cleared. Here the candies will be arranged in the two-by-two squares that makes the game trickier. Every single move you make will count for winning or losing. Therefore, you must be very careful while playing at the highest levels. To help you how to pass level 33 on candy crush, here are some interesting tips and guide;

Tips for Level 33

The tips will give you ideas about how to clear all jelly in just 14 to 17 moves. It may be impossible to beat this level by simply matching three candies, however, by planning carefully and using these tips, you can easily pass level 33 quickly. Here follows the cheats and tips:

First focus completely on creating the striped candy. Since there are only a few moves in this level, it is important to create all special candies for hitting multiple jelly boxes simultaneously. Striped candies are powerful, as they can easily clear the complete rows both vertically and horizontally

Try to make a combo of striped and wrapped candy. Try to swipe both the candies together, as this can clear most of the jellies in just a move. Making this combo is little tricky with only few space and moves available. Remember, you can achieve this only if they are positioned appropriately

It is always recommendable to start at the top of board and clear obvious matches from top. However, you must try to clear at least 2 squares in a single move. As the next step start working on to create special candies and try to clear the jelly on bottom squares. Simultaneously, try to shift candies on top squares into new matches

As the next tips, you must pay more attention on the position of the stripped candies. Try to focus on the direction, which you are going to clear. The direction will be determined by how the special candies are created. You can swipe vertically for creating vertical striped candy or swipe horizontally for creating horizontal stripped candy. This guide will be helpful for all levels that you are stepping ahead

Do not hurry. If you are very particular at winning this puzzle game, then you must be slow and steady. Take your time, as there are only maximum 17 moves to make in this level, which you must not miss it. Try to examine the board carefully for each and every move you made. Think for different opportunities. Try to predict before you make a move.

More Tips to play efficiently

It is easy for anyone to match 3 candies, but when it comes more than that, the task actually becomes challenging. To achieve this, try to combine special candies to get screen clearing effects. Try to keep a close eye on the number of turns you are having, which is displayed at the bottom of the window. This is very important to perfectly plan and complete the game successfully within the available turns. Matching candies is not as easy as you think or see. It becomes a gigantic puzzle as you move to higher levels. The only scope you have is the turns, which you must never waste it.

Try to think about best possible options to remove jelly that does not move, by putting various candies in right place. If you are really at risky stage to complete this level, then consider buying charms, which are the special items that can help the player increase lives.

These tips and tricks for how to pass level 33 on candy crush will for sure make every player to achieve his objective and struggle no longer.

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