Here is our server rules listed in full.

  • Basic and common sense rules.

    • We do not tolerate excessive cursing, racism, personal insults, links or general immature behavior, treat each other with respect.
    • You are not allowed to build in Obelisks and/or at easy-to-get spawns; such as metal/crystal/obsidian/pearls.
    • Caves are not allowed to be built in. There are big spawns inside of caves that every player needs to have full access to. If you build close to a spawn that is easy to get to, no turrets are then allowed in case a player/tribe gets shot down trying to get to the resource.
    • Bronto's are banned on the server, no usage or taming of a bronto is allowed. Same thing goes for Giganotosaurus, no taming of these dinos is allowed.
    • Do not build near each others bases UNLESS you are allied tribes. Tribe alliance is allowed on the server. Don't build to mess with other tribes.
    • No cheating allowed obviously, any sort of cheating will result in a permanent ban. (That includes flying/glitching under the map)

    USE COMMON SENSE regarding the rules, there may be loop holes but you'll have to think twice yourself about what might be ok and what may not be, if you're unsure; Ask an admin, we are very active and will answer all questions that isn't answered here.

    Remember: Listen to Admins and treat each other with respect for a nice environment on the server.

    PvP and raid.

    • To intentionally kill another player without any sort of provocation is not allowed, for example: A player is farming wood and unaware of surrounding, killing this player is not allowed. Ofcourse an exception is made if said two tribes are already at war / in conflict. (If a PVE'r gets a drop before you/before you can kill him/her a ban will be issued instantly) Will check all logs regarding this.
    • Don't kill passive farm Dino's like : Ankylo, Stego etc. All flyers and gigas/rexes that is on passive is allowed to be killed because they count as defense. This includes destroying the pits/gates that surround them, leave the farm dino's be.
    • Don't destroy more than you have to during a raid, try your best to get to what's actually valuable for you and your tribe, and leave the rest of the base intact for a chance of recovery.
      Don't destroy unlocked structures on purpose like; smithy, fabricator etc.
    • Raid or sabotage of someone's base without any form of winning is not allowed, for example: raiding or stealing new-comers stuff without him/her having the time to get started. Raid someone your own tribe's size for an even and fair fight. Also, don't raid the same tribe/person multiple times over again, let them have a chance to recover and start anew.
    • Dropping wild dinos inside another tribe's base is not allowed. Just don't.
    • Auto-turret quetzals are not allowed on the server, they are far too strong to use in a balanced pvp-aspect, however manually operated turrets such as: ballista, rocket turret, minigun turrets are allowed for use on quetzals.

    Remember, If you're unsure about if something is allowed or not? Ask first, admins are often there to help you figure it out.

    Sanctions: (Påföljder/Konsekvenser)

    If we see someone breaking the rules , it will for all offenses sabotaging the game experience of another player , lead to direct ban on 24h - 7 days - 30 days or permanently , depending on the type and how serious infringement . 24h can be seen as what today, in many cases, had been a verbal warning but does not prevent an admin from directly giving a longer period or permanently ban if it considers it necessary.

    If you feel you are undeserved of punishment or wish to report an offense, immediatly contact an admin/owner before taking action of your own, vengeance only leads to hatred.




This is a list of the Mods and Rates we are currently using on the server, (will be edited in case of removing/adding more).

Mods: (Newest added at the bottom of the list)

Server Rates:

  • Taming x50
  • Harvesting x25
  • Experience x30
  • Hatching x30
  • Maturing x30
  • Mating Interval x0.5
  • Difficulty 5.0 / 500% (Max wild dino level 150)
  • Max player level 100 (At 100 you will receive all engrams)
  • Giga spawn rate x0.0 (Gigas do no longer spawn due to server lags)
  • Bronto spawn ratex0.0 (Brontos do longer spawn due to server lags)
  • Other Dino spawn rates x1.0


Ark Apex is a ARK-server I started 2016-05-20 on my own machine because our old sever shut down. I have no former experience of hosting a server therefor the server might experience issues sometimes and you'll have to deal with it. I'm doing my absolute best to make you guys happy and for you to have an enjoyable time on my server. 

The server is hosted from a decent/good machine located in Stockholm Sweden. Your ping from nordic countries should be sitting between 5-30 hopefully since the server is hosted through 300mbit/s uprate fiber Network.


The server is running a PVPVE system; meaning everyone that wants to join to play PVE is allowed to do so however they need to name their tribe with "PVE" and put some white flags up around their base. If any form of hostile action is taken against any other player, the tribe is then flagged for PVP and will be so until one of the admins decide to let them PVE again (this includes having turrets/defenses). We will be very strict regarding this. If you want to go PVE before you go PVP, then the second you go PVP you stay PVP until admins decide, same thing there. If you have any more questions regarding this system feel free to ask an admin in game.


​I have not decided on how we will go about with wipes. Rates are very high so wipes will probably be pretty frequent. Probably a wipe will happen when one of the tribe/alliances takes control of the ARK and the other tribes have a hard time retaliating. How fast this will happen I can never predict. So wipes will come but how frequent I do not yet know. Obviously a formal notice in due time will go out so people are prepared for it.

Comment on this post if you have suggestions/ideas/questions regarding anything on the website.


Lo - ArkApex Founder