3D digitization of architectural wonders, real estate projects, as well as preserved buildings has been in trend since a long time. The popularity of this process is yet on rise but hand made models are still playing their role. It signifies the human need to touch and feel things which can’t be taken away by screens. It is for this reason why so many professionals and architectural students are always looking to make industrial scale models, scaling house models and so forth. You can easily hold a physical model in your hand, examine it and make out how it will look in real life. It definitely holds a strong edge over CAD modelling. One can also use these for intuitive and quick 3D sketch making that gets ideas into motion. So, the desire to be a detailed architectural model maker isn’t that wrong. Here are some helpful tips that may help you go down this path in a long run:

● The first thing that you need to ensure is usage of right kind of tools that can really help in building your model. Usage of a good model will definitely create clear distinction between an average model and a superior quality model. Nobody would ever want to spend or waste their time and energy looking for a lesser suitable replacement for a missing tool. There are several blogs and posts on net that you can check out for the complete list of tools.

● Whenever you create a model, you will have to cut up one or another material that suits your requirements. It will automatically prioritize the significance of a specific tool over another one. A clear edge would add an a completely different level of neatness, you may not find any appreciation in your for it but you will see it finally when the model is complete.

● A good model maker will also be very attentive when it comes to selection of materials for model making. The right kind of material would definitely justify your model and highlight proper details about it. It will turn the story of your model into a visual picture which means you need to be careful about material selection. You cannot always go with cards as those may or may not help in narrating the story of your model in an effective manner. Also, you would need that kind of material on your side that can be molded into better things with much ease.

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