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Spring is coming faster than we think but before we say bye for good until another year, there is this amazing trend that seem to come to mind for the winter mix. Whether you love or cant stand it, the "Puffer Coat" is trend that has captured our hearts, and is here to stay! This trend mostly speaks for itself and the best winter-to-spring fashion statement. ALSO, if you are on the lookout for one of these beauties stay tuned down below, we got plenty of links. :)


Each year we cannot wait for winter because of the styles winter seems to bring. Its as if the winter GODS have bestowed the most amazing fashion trend of 2018* and for some years to come. Personally when you see this coat on a hanger you don't get the thrills as much as when you put it on. The perfect part is that the puffed' exterior brings a sense of boldness to any look. It's a statement piece that speaks for itself, but of course you cant just leave the house without anything else. Jeans seem to bring the puffer coat to the next level and in fact we love the pairing so much, we believe every puffer coat is a practical trend for winter.

image:puffercoat(google searches)


SO we all love the warm factor and we got to say, that's the only thing that matters in the winter, especially January. Our stylist do not agree with layering sweater after sweater and that seems to be a bit outdated anyways. The best part of the whole thing is that the puffer coat" brings that added flare to a sweatshirt situation. Its like a win-win situation. We love it! & did we mention one more time that ITS WARM!


Here at April House we are all about saving that coin! Well, frankly at times that is the only thing we are concerned with. But enough about our pockets this coat is like the money saving genius of winter. One coat can last all years, heck 10 years if you take care of it. Not saying you should have one for that long but we believe that the coat is great at saving you lots of money. Who has that type of cash to tap out on coats every year. Especially big ones, so the "puffer coat' is amazing for saving you money and saving you the headache of finding a coat in every occasion for the winter. The versatile factor is simple you can pair it with anything but it looks so great with jeans and we mean that. Take these black jeans with the boots complimenting with a red puffer coat'! The color makes a great stand out piece alone!

\You have to get one! Its the perfect piece for any closet needs and we are not just saying that we believe it !

We have to get back to our Starbucks run*



but in the meantime check out our favorite puffers down below!


✨Black Quilted/ Puffer Design by Mango

✨Faux Fur Lined Puffer Jacket by TopShop

✨DOWN Jacket by H&M

✨Pink Quilted Coat by Zara

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WEDNESDAY, 17  January, 2018, 03:32

Hello BEAUTIES, we hope your day was well inspiring!

Well ours is stuck at home in our cozy beds because of the snow falling down outside! WE love snow, but what we also love is to talk about the awesome winter trends. So get your hot cocoa and relax a bit while we tell you the reason the ripped jeans are not leaving the trends anytime soon.

Ripped Jeans, how RIPPED well we don't know exactly but what we do know is that ripped distress look brings the best out of any casual look! The art of pulling off a ripped jean is quite important but also really simple!

Don't Pair it with any other distress items. IT can make the outfit look sloppy and not even close to chic. But What is so trendy, is pairing with any kind of blazer, turtleneck for a more lovely appearance. Or with a simple t-shirt that gives that off duty model look! We also like this look with heels to add a little sexy back into casual. The possibilities are endless and that's why we love this trend so much, and don't see it going anywhere, anytime SOON!

Finding your favorite pair is like finding the treasure within in and with that we can say

experiment with care but we probably will always love the flare of the stylish ripped Jeans!

Until Next time,

💋 April House

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