Health is wealth. This is an old saying however this is valid and suitable today also. Whenever a family member gets a medical issue or illness, the entire family suffers and gets distracted. This concern even widens if the illness is related to mental health. That creates a need for a caretaker who can be at home all the times and look after the patient.

It becomes really difficult to find trained nurses or assistants for such job. The person required needs to be trained in nursing depending on the inabilities the patient is going through. At the same time, in cases of heavy diabetes and heart disease or hypertension, the care taker should know different dietary requirements of the particular patient.

Here is this website that provides a platform for people who need trained nurses and assistants at home, and subsequent job-seekers. They are one of the fastest growing recruitment agencies in UK for General Nurses and Assistants in Home Care sector.

They provide trained personnel to both Care Homes and Home Care:

    General Nurses at Nursing Homes.

    Support workers and care assistants

    Mental Health Nurses to Dementia and Mental Health Assistant at home.

    Cleaners, kitchen assistants and house keepers.

    Cooks and Chefs.

Thus, this is the best place to find Health care Assistant in UK.

They have long term relations with various care homes, nursing homes and hospitals throughout UK. At the same time they have a database of trained people looking for these jobs. Job seekers can log in to their web page and register themselves to search for different jobs in this sector.

They offer various types of jobs including short term and long term contracts, permanent employment, and spot employment where the worker is needed for a very short period of may be even one day. This is the best place to find Health Care Assistant Jobs UK.

There are different segment displayed on this webpage:

Latest Jobs: Candidates can see recently posted requirements by various employers at a glance in this segment.

Job Search: Candidates can search for jobs with different filters provided. Quick job search can be made as per the job title required, industry the candidate is interested in, country in which candidate would like to work and key words that allow specific positions and choices.

Latest News: Current affairs in this field are updated in this segment. This helps the candidates to enhance their knowledge and to keep an eye on new things happening around.

Fast Links: These are links that summarize various attributes. All available jobs can be seen by the candidates at a glance here. There is a link provided for candidate registration, so that they can use various services regarding recruitment offered on this site. Another link takes the candidate to Latest News. And through a link here the website owners can be contacted.

Candidates can upload their CVs at the “candidates” link provided at the top of the homepage of this site.

Candidates can find updates about NMC CBT Online Test for Nurses UK in the latest news segment. Passing this test is quite essential to improve a candidate’s acceptance as a trained nurse for various employers.

How they offer help to Employers:

    Employers can expect nurses, assistants and domestic workers from them.

    They shortlist candidates according to employers’ requirement of job description, proficiency in English and professional capabilities.

    Vacancies with various employers are advertised in entire UK and other parts of Europe.

    Employees can hire candidates from here at very affordable fees and payment plans.

    Advertisement of vacancies is continued till the employer finds a suitable candidate for the vacant position.

    They offer a 28 days waiver in case the selected candidate is not found fit for the job or the organization of the employers.