Salutations, reader! As this is my first post, I thought long and hard on what to write about ; being the dull person I am, I could only think of the beginning,MY BEGINNING. So, I present to you, girlies and gentleboys, the birth of a somewhat (not-at-all) legend.

My mother being the brutally honest person she was (still is), admitted to never planning her pregnancy (ouch!). I was sudden but still great, good, alright (?) news. Let's put it this way, you ordered only one milkshake but the deaf waiter added a cake to your table. Sure, it costs more than what you intended but it is still a delight.

Let me tell you, I was quite the fetus (the only fetus) back in my mother's womb. I could pose like Naomi Campbell during ultrasound scans and I could do these amazing karate kicks. I was also quite the yoga enthusiast, stretching into positions no other fetus had been in before. Man, those were the days. Now, I can't even touch my toes without a single joint cracking from the pressure. Not healthy.

However, my time in the womb was cut short by a few weeks due to the heavy chances of my brain not being in the proper place which was of course, not normal. So, my mom was forced to undergo a ceasarean. I, not amused by the whole situation, decided to play a game of hide & seek with the doctors. It took almost 24 hours of worried looks and my hardcore hiding skills before I was pulled out in all my naked and wet glory. Never had I ever felt so alive.

Baby me had a lot of complications resulting in frequent visits to the hospital. After several tests, the results were out. One of my kidneys was confirmed to be not functioning. This was a bigger risk for getting kidney stones. Again, not great news. All things considered, I was a rather strong baby seeing as where I am now.

Well, that was how I came to be. It lacks action and explosions and deaths but that was really what truly happened. I'm sure you have better ideas on what to post about so why dont you comment or leave a like. Perhaps even follow me? Yes, I have more stories, thoughts, discussions etc etc. I update on Sundays (or Saturdays, depending on where you live) ! Until then