What’s the Difference Between a Standard and a Specialized Kot4x Broker?

This is why I am writing this review for Kot4x. Whenever taking a transaction they place in under or over the counter currency they feel like they scalped all day long and just scam every possible trade they take. One of the things they have taught me over the years is to never take their word for anything and I believe their training teaches them that too. So over the years I have become very leery of them and haven’t traded with them for a while. They literally make you feel like you are a kid on Christmas morning every time you walk in the door.

One day, as I was doing some research on forex trading software systems I came across something really interesting. Most brokerages will not allow you to trade using a broker software system if they are the kot4x broker Kot4x. They only allow you to trade with the system if they are affiliated with them, which not many are. I went ahead to look this over and found out why.

A lot of times the ones who advertise the best forex trading system will be affiliated with a particular broker. Most of the time the broker owns a company that does the promotion for them. If the kot4x broker is an affiliate of this particular company then it negates any of your rights to receive any kind of compensation from the promotion of this product if you ever do decide to purchase it.

Now I know you may think “Well that’s not my fault, but how can I know this is true”. If you stop and think about it you could have come across a lot of sites like this that claim to allow you to start trading with a minimal amount of money. You may have even looked at some of the “so called free stock market game” that claims to allow you to start trading stocks with fake money. You need to make sure you do some research before you spend any real money on anything.

Before we move on, let’s go over a bit of information that will prove useful to you. The minimum deposit that all forex brokers must adhere to is twenty-five percent. This means that you can’t start trading with more than twenty percent of your account, or you risk losing your money. Even with all this information you still might want to go ahead and increase your leverage a little bit so that you can see a nice return on your investment faster.

Next there is a misconception about brokers having their fingers in the business. It would seem like a legitimate broker would always be willing to give you some kind of incentive for making the right decisions, however this is not the case. There are a lot of brokers that will offer you a small tradeoff if you deposit just a small amount, while other brokers will simply penalize you by charging you a huge fee to make another trade. You can easily tell which ones are legit and which ones are scams by looking for a “Kot4x regulated” logo on their web site.

Now lets talk about why people feel that it is okay to use a broker offering fake leverage. One thing to keep in mind is that not all brokers are going to offer you the same kind of incentives. Some will have bonuses that you can use to make your trades, while others will not. This makes it important for you to shop around a little bit in order to find the best broker for you. This is not to say that every broker is like this, but you need to look at every angle and consider multiple companies before deciding on which one is best.

This was a quick overview of the basic differences between the various accounts offered by different brokers. We looked at the differences between the normal accounts and the specialized accounts. Now that you know which type of accounts you want to open, you can start trading! Good luck!