Top 5 Destiny 2 characters loved by Gamers

Developed by Bungie, Destiny 2 is an online solo or multiplayer game that has slowly made its way into the hearts of a million gamers and is only increasing in popularity day by day. In the game, the players (known as Guardians) are on a mission to save Earth from alien forces. Destiny 2 offers you several gameplays and adventures that keeps you entertained and leaves you wanting to explore more. The science fiction genre makes it more attractive but the highlight of the game is its characters. The characters are powerful and come with a very interesting background lore. The players are free to choose the character which can be from 3 classes namely the Hunter, Titan and Warlords. Let’s take a look at some of the most liked characters of Destiny 2.

Eris Morn

Eris Morn is probably one of the creepiest characters of Destiny 2 who has an air of magical powers around her. She is one of the tragic characters of Destiny 2 but an ambitious one who wanted to kill Crota, the Hive God. To do this, she formed a fireteam of six members, five of whom get killed by Crota and his army. This leaves Eris Morn in Hellmouth alone for long time where she loses her ghost and her eyes. Somehow she steals eyes from a Hive member and returns to earth where she is sheltered by Ikora Rey who promises to help her get revenge. You can find Eris Morn near the Sanctuary waypoint on the Moon.

Mara Sovv

Mara Sovv or Queen of the Reef is a very fierce character in Destiny 2. She is cold, enigmatic and takes pride in her race and who she is. Her love for her race makes her an excellent leader who can go to any extent and fight fearlessly to protect her people. Her brother, UldrenSovv is her most trusted aide and the only one who can question her opinions. He is important to Mara Sovv because of his abilities to gather information.

Saint 14

Saint 14 is an Exo legendary Titan who rescued several people and brought them to the Last City. In the Last, City he fought against the fallen attacks and emerged triumphant in all of them. He is very good friends with Speaker and Osiris because of which when Osiris disappeared on Mercury, Saint 14 went searching for him into the Infinite Forest. There, Saint 14 killed so many Vex that the entire vex race learned to respect him and built him a tombstone for his dead body. Out of guilt, Osiris built a time machine which the Guardians can use to bring back Saint 14. You can use Destiny 2 boost to boost the level of the game and make your battles interesting.

The Drifter

The Drifter is an interesting character in Destiny 2 who is thought to have its origins as the Warlords in the Dark Ages. He is the vendor who provides Gambit bounties. The Drifter and his crew used to collect scraps while wandering and lost the light during the Red War. After this they faced a conflict which left the Drifter as the last man standing. This character has an aura of mysticism around him and it is unknown from where he gets the creatures used in the Gambit.

Cayde 6

Cayde 6 has a charismatic charm that makes him one of the most loved characters. He is one of the few Exos who remembers his time as a human. He worked as a mercenary for Clovis Bray before he became an Exo. A deal went wrong for Clovis Bray that transformed Cayde into a war machine. He is one of the three leaders of Vangaurd along with being an excellent gunslinger.