Map of Marijuana Legalization by States in 2020

As one of the world's leading nations in legalizing medicinal and recreational use of cannabis, it is no surprise that a more lenient and humane approach is being taken to the topic of marijuana legality. While it is still illegal in the US, the varying penalties for possession and even cultivation of marijuana have all but vanished from our federal penal code.

This is due in large part to the passage of the Marijuana Laws to Provide Medical Treatment to Uninformed American Citizens Act of 2020, which was signed into law by President Obama. This act has provided a much needed shift in the perception of marijuana use and legal treatment and is in many ways a landmark victory for individuals who believe in the healing power of cannabis. That is why it is legal in many states when we talk about United states. You can check marijuana legality states map online for details.

Medical Laws

In the past, those in the medical marijuana laws have been sentenced to jail time of up to one year and heavy fines, while many found guilty were relegated to fines, probation and community service. Since this new legislation has been passed, all marijuana crimes are no longer considered felonies but instead, offenses which are punished less severely than first thought.

It is also noteworthy that marijuana cases in the courts are now considered felonies, rather than misdemeanors. Those who have smoked pot, whether medically or recreationally, prior to getting into an accident, or been arrested for possession will find themselves facing stiffer penalties than the average drug offender. For example, if a person is charged with driving under the influence of cannabis, that person will find themselves behind bars for far longer than someone who is charged with driving under the influence of marijuana (the penalties for marijuana possession or sale are so close that it is hard to see how the latter can stand out as any different).

However, this does not mean that those in the system are completely helpless. Under federal prosecutors who are armed with the new legislative changes, the quantity of marijuana that can be legally possessed, bought, sold, or given away to an under-aged, so long as it is a small amount, has dramatically increased.

Perhaps the biggest change is that a mass-scale, nationwide boycott has been started against the widely abused, racially based and widespread drug. Even in states where medical marijuana has been legalized, such as California, you will find many that support the decriminalization of marijuana. The effort to keep the industry regulated and to keep it off the streets, has been met with much resistance, especially as it affects consumers directly.

Though marijuana legalization is still a hot topic, let's all remember that it's still illegal. Even if you do smoke it, you will probably get arrested. So, take a deep breath and relax, there are plenty of other issues we can worry about besides marijuana usage.

If you have been charged with possessing marijuana and you would like to get your case dismissed, there are many attorneys in the United States that can help you. Many of these attorneys are capable of providing you with valuable advice that will help you fight marijuana legalities and achieve a fair resolution in your court.



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