In the world of Internet where the people from the far places get connected easily through different means of internet and one of them is blogs, posts and articles.

So, coming back to the topic, if you have to pitch your guest posts. Then the question in most of us is how to do that because the post which your guest has written is tremendously good and you have to pitch it.

There are simple steps, you may call it as rules by which you can excel in this good worthy work. And the steps are-

  • 1)Check out the blog of the guest
  • When you check out or visit the blog of your guest make sure that you read 5-6 posts present in that blog
  • If you really want to write for a specific blog then you need to understand what their style is.
  • You need to learn how they write, observe what topics they seem to cover and how in depth their posts are.
  • This thing will build a image inside you that this person writes post in particular manner.
  • This the main and important way of knowing their posts, you have take out time and read each and every posts with concentration. No matter whether you are in the cafe or hanging out find the time to make it happen.
  • 2)Search a way to interact with them
  • After you successfully read their posts which you thought interesting, now search a way to interact with them.
  • The best of reaching up to them is to comment on their posts.
  • Now that you have read through several of their blog posts, you need to start the interaction with them.We will do this by leaving some blog comments.
  • Take out 2 posts which you like and comment down in depth meaningful thoughts. This will grab their attention.
  • 3)Introduce yourself
  • Wait a few days or at least wait until your comments have been approved and then reach out to the blog owner through email. Introduce yourself. Tell them how much you love their blog.
  • Ask them a question about their website and business.
  • We are simply giving a try here. We are not trying to close the deal yet, just letting them know who we are.
  • You can see that asking them for help or simply asking them a question gets them a pure image of you.
  • Now wait for their response, this is the only thing you can do.
  • 4)Introduce them with your pitch
  • Send them your pitch email. This is the critical part because you have laid a lot of groundwork so don’t let it go waste by some crappy pitch.
  • Now you are in the mind of the blog owner by your previous steps.
  • Now you have to present new ideas before the blog owner that you are going to do this and this introduce them with your content and explain your way of writing.
  • So these where some of the steps and tips for perfectly pitching your guest posts.