Hi guys!

Now I am back again, wohoo! I decided yesterday that I was going to write a post today after school, and all day today I have just been longing for school to end so I could go and buy some coffee and write. This last week have been so stressful with school and homework. I have big issues with stress and anxiety around school stuff, and this week have just been THE worst. It has been the last week before my easter-break, and of course all teahers are trying to fit in 1 months work in one week. But now it´s over - it is friday and I am on break!!!!! Right now i´m sitting at this suuuper cosy café with my coffee and just enjoying life. I found this new café the other day on my way home, and it´s like kind of hidden from rest of the town inside a big office building, with the best view over my city. LOVE it.

By the way, I just wanted to say that I´m so happy that all of you reading this have found my blog and care enough to read this. My intetions starting this blog has been to be able to express myself without all the public identity stuff, and I´m happy if i can reach out to even just a few people.

Next post is going to be more serious, and I´ll write about the thing that really made want to start this blog and my issues in life. But feel free to comment if you happen to have any ideas to what topics you think would be interesting to hear about. I hope you all will have a really good day and weekend!


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Sooo here i am. Totally exposed and yet totally anonymous. But that is part of why i want to do it like this - I want people to get to know "me" but still I want to have privacy. So here we go.

This is my first blog post. Like, the first one EVER. How am I even supposed to know how to do this? But I think i´ll figure it out haha! And I know I don´t have any followers (yet), but you´ve gotta start somewhere, right? And I think, and hope, that this blog eventually will be read by at least some people, and also help some of you out there. At least that´s my goal. I have been through a lot and now I fel like sharing my thoughts and experiences. And if I don´t reach my goal, I will just use this site as a diary, which is also kind of why I am starting this blog.

So that was pretty much all that I had to say in this first post, and I know it´s not proffessional or anything - but I´ll get there! :) I´ll also throw in some pics from my day, and just look at that sky!! I really am privileged in life...

xoxo (GG?)