So, why do i have a Anonymous blog?

That's because i believe in that people don’t have to know, who you are or how you look or if you are pretty or not or if you are famous or not. I think that you don’t have to know how i look or how much money i have, to like me and this blog.

Maybe in the future im are going to show you how i like. But for now i want to be that mysterious girl. I’m liking it to be that mysterious girl, you know that im a teenger and where im from.

But now i must go to bed, because i have school tomorrow

Byeeee ;*

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What is that?

Well that had i asked myself for some year.

Love, have been a hard thing for me. When i was around 15 years i had apps on my phone like, hot or not and tinder. I had them because i wanted attention. And from i was around 11-16 i was suicidal, so attention for me was my self-harming.

I have been with guys who called me slut, whore. But that's not the worst part, i let them say shit to me. When 1 guy broke up with me i find a another guy. And everyone off them were exactly alike.

But now when i'm not suicidal, and i still don’t know how real love feels like.

If i’m are going to be serious with you, i don’t feel like love is a real thing. I think that it is imagination.

For some years ago, i loved a guy called Rasmus. We were together 8 months, and he was always nice to me. But one day i text him to tell him how much i loved him, but he never text back until the next day. He said that he has been cheating on me for 3 months.

I cried like a freak for 4 weeks and i didn’t eat for 2 weeks.

But i hope that i'm in the future, are gonna find a guy who truly love me.

- Anonymous Girl




So this is my first post, on this blog. And i have already start to think if someone is going to read this blog.

Yesterday, i had school. And my best friend ignores me. I tried to talk with hear, but she just kept ignoring me. So when we were going to our lockers, and i was walking a little bit in front of them. So my “friend” asked my real friend if she wanted to eat lunch at Mcdonald's instead of eating in school, and my real friend who i am gonna call Maya and my “friend are i'm gonna call Dakota. So Maya and Dakota, eat at Mcdonald’s, so i had to go and eat at myself in the school’s dinner. After that i got to my last lesson.

But one thing i don’t understand, is why she are mad at me. I have not done something to hear. What is hear problem???.

I hope she doesn't ignore me, when i she see hear next time at school. But i she is still mean, i'm gonna ask hear why she are ignoring me and what i felt Yesterday.

If you are having a friend who are mean like her, to you. Then ignore her to, if you’re friend doesn't care she isn't your friend.

- Anonymous Girl