To start with, hi my name is Amy Van Wyk. I'm not too sure on how to introduce myself or give you the information you'd like from me, but like everyone else I'm on an adventure- which happens to be taking place in Sweden for a year.

My adventure (like everyone else's) consists of finding myself, growing and of course what makes me and everyone around me happy.
Happiness is such a fragile thing, isn't it? Admit it, it's far easier to feel sad or unhappy than it is to be happy-go-lucky about everything. We constantly find fault in things, change good things a shade of sour and have a bit of hatred to those who always have the glass half full.

But, isn't it true that the thing about happiness is that the smallest things can make our day so much better. Small accomplishments, a hug from someone, compliments, seeing something humorous and my all time favorite the green that spring brings.

My mission is to bring happiness and through that having the pleasure to experience it as well.

Join me. Join my adventure.