You know the thing about living here, in this world? There are so many people you don't know in this world. So many people you don't know, but then again, so many people you do know. Would you ever be able to tell them everything about your life? Or is it easier if no one really knows you? That's what I'm going to test.

A normal teen is afraid of being judged by everone. I know I have been scared all my life to do the wrong thing or say the wrong thing. "Will they ever start bullying me for it?". Being a teenager now means everything about your life have to be perfect. As a girl you need to be skinny, pretty, have ass and tits, and as a boy you shouldn't dare to go outside without a sixpack. And girls - never ever have sex with more than one guy - SLUT! Why is it like this? Why do we feel the pressure to be like everyone else?

You know that one out of three girls from 14-18 has self esteem issues? Every girl have some thing about them self that they want to change to become perfect. Some have more they would like to change than others, and some people like how they look, and I respect them just as much as I respect those who don't.

In this blog I'll write you my side of the story - the side of a teenager that isn't perfect, isn't skinny, doesn't have a good ass or tits for that sake - but still believes in her self. You'll hear about my life, but I won't show you my identity or a clear photo of me. My self esteem isn't the best, but I work on it. I can't change the way I look, or I can do some surgeries, but that won't make me look better. Only you, can make you look better. By being a good person, you make yourself look better. People who know you, will se what's inside of you. And I don't mean your organs, I mean your heart. If someone love you, they will look at you and think - you are the most beautiful girl in this world. I am going to try to make you like me, just my personality. And maybe one day - I'll show you how I look. Without a blur.

​You never know if you one day wake up thinking to your self; "You are beautiful"

- S

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