It was midnight past ten minutes in the year nineteen eighty-one was when I was born weighing 7lbs 14 oz. Shortly after turning three months old i was brought to a third world country where I had no idea what type of future was awaiting me. I was raised by my grandmother, while my mother tried to gain residency in North America to bring her family there for a better future.
I had a wonderful childhood, I was able to meet my great grandmother, I had a babysitter, everything was always taken care of for me. My grandmother always made sure that everything I had was the best, she was an owner of a construction material business. We lived in a house beside a river where all the materials were kept along with chickens, turkeys and we had about four dogs for safety.

Fast forward to my first birthday in 1982. My grandmother was such a proud grandma that she decided to announce my first birthday in the news paper and for us back home coming from a third world country is a big deal because not many people could afford to do such things, but she did, she invited everyone she knew and some neighbourhood kids that i never knew, I had a clown, piñatas, and a whole bunch of birthday cakes. Apparently I was not too fond of these clowns that when one of them tried to hold me I cried hysterically.

Anyway this is just the beginning of my life blog and experiences that would probably blow your mind...i guess for anyone who ever reads it. Tomorrow I will continue on to the following year 1983.