Vineyard in Modra

One of the nights whilest visiting Bratislava we took a bus to the nearby small village called Modra, to visit a slovakian vineyard. It sure was a picturesque little place, though it was like traveling back in time. On the busride we saw abóut two houses that had light on, all the others were completly dark because of poverty. They simply couldnt afford to turn on the lights. Or thats what we were told from our guide on the bus fifteen years ago, but I have learned some different fact in present day that tells a different story.

At the winetasting they served quite a lot of different wines and one of the most oddly combined dinners I have ever tasted, roasted duck, and sweet picked cucumber. At the time I thought it was served with cornpancace but I was later told that it was a potato flatbread thats often served during the fall. It was good, but quite different.

At the time, I was more into red wine, so my initial thought was oh no, when they started serving white wines. But the wines were defenatly good, especially the icewine that had a really characteristic taste. The grapes are harvested and processed when the temperatures drop below freezing, there of the name icewine.
Have you ever tried icewine?


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Love wine tastings. Don’t think I’ve ever tried Slovakian wine, I’ll give it a go 😊
So do I Sarah, and their wine was really great! 😊
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