Two more canceled trips...

All of the images were taken a few weeks ago, when the trees still had some colorful leaves left, but since then most of them have lost most of the leaves, but if you are lucky, you can still find a few trees that have kept its beauty. This is what the nature around my hometown Nynäshamn looks like though, quite stunning right?

There is beauty everywhere around you, especially in nature when the seasons are changing, so if you just wake up and take that extra sip of coffee so that you can drag your ass outside in the morning you'll see it clearly. Wake up, wake up, wake up!

Well, that's easier said than done right? :D
I know that feeling all too well.

Due to the pandemic, the Swedish government has raised the bar once again on the restrictions, encouraging all Swedes to stay home again and not even travel within our own country anymore. And for us, that means canceling two trips, AGAIN! We should have known better one might say, but let's stick to the easier said than done part. I am quite aware that we shouldn't book trips and start planning ahead if I'm not up for the disappointment, but I just can't help myself, that's just how my world works. To keep my head above the waters I need to plan ahead, or else I will just lose my mind.

We had one trip booked for the beginning of December, to go back to the beautiful island of Gotland, just for a weekend of dining out. We even taked about just having a weekend inside the beautiful hotelroom that we booked, and just trying the local restaurants through onlineservices and ordering in... but that's pooped. And yet another train trip to visit the family in the south of Sweden, for the Christmas holidays of course, and this one is the hardest to cancel but we'll have to make due anyways. Christmas is not canceled entirely in our family, we still have facetime and zoom, so that will certainly me afloat for some time. How about you, how's Christmas looking so far?

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