Turkish beer

This weeks friday drinks is beer, and turkish beer. Im guessing most of you have had an EFES or two on one of the many beaches in the Antalya area, but have you ever tried a Bomonti?



EFES Xtra shot

So, EFES we know of, and thats kind of a light pils, nothing really remarkable but still a good friend on a hot day.

The Bomonti on the other hand, now thats a best friend. They come in several different types, unfiltered, red ale, black and malt. I think my favorite was the unfiltered, strangely enough, cuz I never drink it at home, just in Turkey.

I dont know about that crazy small one. But Im guessing people say that about me aswell. I never tried it, extra strong beer is kind of not my thing.

Have you ever tried any of the beers above?

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