The view of Istanbul

Once in a while, you find yourself walking around an ancient city of stunning architechture and mosques with intriguing history. As you walk by you're drawn to the ambience of the teahouses , the smell of spices filles your senses and kind of leaves you hungry for more knowlage of the city. Theres nothing more thrilling than exploring a city like Istanbul, you could reseach forever and a day, and you would still not know the half of it.

The spires and domes from the mosques and anchient minarets filles the shylines with an exotic siluette. The light blues, greys and whites of the city blends together perfectly with the sky, giving a colourful calm.

This is my view of Istanbul, Turkey. Whats yours?

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What an excellent view. I love that you shared the view of Istanbul. I haven't known anyone who's gone there before.
You should consider going there Brandy, its beautiful 😊
Ntensibe Edgar
Ntensibe Edgar,
That is one hell of a view! I love it. Well, my view of Istanbul is in the movies and television series that I have watched.
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