Infinity pool

Isnt this an amazing pool area?
An infinity pool looking out over the Mediterranean sea, that's one of the most relaxing poolareas I've had the pleasure of visiting. As you can see, mostly by the size of the evergrowing kid, this trips to Turkey was a few years ago. We stayed at Paloma hotels in Özdere, quite close to Izmir if you know where that is. It was one of those secluded all inclucive hotels with tree poolareas, several private beaches and if I remember correctly five different resturants belonging to the hotel.

The hotel was beautiful, but it was located in the middle of nowhere. There was a small village within walking distance, but that was about it. The closest town was about one hour away, by car.

If you are into the all inclusive thing, you should defenatly check this hotel out. But if you're more into exploring, like I am, you'll probobly enjoy the pool, the food and the beautiful scenery for about two days, Even though it was a really - really large hotel area with lots of activities, I always tend to get restless and annoyed when I dont have the option of exploring within close range.

How about you, are you a 5 star all inclusive person or a 2 star explorer?


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Den är fantastiskt 😃👍
Ja den är jättevacker =)
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