We've just gone back to work after the summervacation but I just have to say that the summer of 2019 and been a great summer. I've gotten a bit of a tan, a few glases of wine and several great trips abroad. Cant really complain at all. I have put together a bit of a recap for you, hope you enjoy the read!

We took a trip to Istanbul in june, clearly a great start to the summer. I have always wanted to there, but I've kind of had to struggle to get a travelpartner. Thank you, my dear friends, for making this trip happend!

Best honor ever! I got to do a pregnancy photoshoot with Angelica and her cute tummy in July. I do promise you that I will keep bothering her for more images like this. I had sush a great time both shooting and editing these photoes. If you want to read more of Angelicas journey through her pregnancy, you'll find her blog here!

Visited Torö Stenstrand and kind of got reacquainted with that part of our local scenery. Its kind of crazy that you can forget how stunning the nature is in your own municipality, but I did, I forgot.

And going to the local beaches gave us a whetted appetite, so we had picnic by the ocean @ Ringvägen . We had sush a beautful day, one of my best memories from this summer!

At the beginning of august, our summervacation begun and we started our vacation with a trip to Bulgaria where we visited both the old town Nessebar and the notorious partyplace Sunny Beach. I can tell you this, both places were hot and swetty!

At the end of the summer, late August, I finally got my raincheck for Edinburgh! You all know that we had a trip planned before, that got cancelled due to a the big SAS strike, and I have just waited for the right moment to book another trip. This trip only confirmed what I already knew, I do love Scotland!

So how was your summer, what was your highlight?

Hope you enjoyed reading about my summer, and I do promise you to give you some more updates from the trips we did during the summer.


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