The one thing that made our trip to Prague a one of a kind was experiencing was visiting a the beer spa. We booked our spa treatment from home, a few weeks before the trip, just to make sure we would get an appointment. You could probobly book it whilst you're in town aswell, there are a few places around the city that has a similar thing. But why risk it, when its so easy to book your appointment online.

So, you get your own rooms, with two tubs, connected to four beer taps where there's free, unlimited beer for the entire time of your beer-bubblebath, both lager and dark Krušovice. In the room there's a small changing booth and towels for you to use, a haybed and a artificial fireplace. It supercozy!

Beware, you're gonna have beer grains in all the junk and trunk, but I promise you, it's well worth it.

Here's a link to the Beer Spa, if you want to check it out!
And hey, we strongly recommend that you take a trip to the Beerspa. I mean, when will you ever get to do this kind of thing again?

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Yes please! On my to-do list.
My son was booked to go to Prague in May and experience this beer spa but I guess he will have to wait now. It looks like such a fun experience to have.
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