Advent wishlist, part 2

Welcome, hello. This is our second advent sunday christmas wishlist, predictions, wants and needs in alphabetical order. 9th of december, while 9 days left until our next trip. Seems fitting doesnt it?

G for Gibraltar. Did you know that if you visit Marbella, on a clear and sunny day, you can see all the way to Gibraltar?
There are boattrips that take you from Marbella to Gibraltar, daytrips including dolphinsafari for 45 €. At the Upper rock you will surely bump in to one of the threehundred wild monkeys that live there, but be careful, they are known to be a bit violent, so keep distance.

Highlands, yes to travel the Scottish Haighlands has become some what of a dream, maybe even riding the Jakobite steam train. There are so mny places in Highlands that's on my bucketlist, so I'm guessing a roadtrip for a few weeks are in order, otherwise I'm sure to miss out.
Fortunatly the highlands are full of whiskey, so the men will not complain duing that particular trip.

I for Italy,
I would love to go on a trip to Italy again, so dear Santa, please buy me some tickets. I've been digging around in my old albums from the times we've been to Italy and so far I've been in Rome, Venice, Pisa and Sicily. But there are so many places I would love to see in Italy, Toscany beeing one.
If you have any tips on what to see or favorit locations in Italy, I would gladly recieve your tips.

Jamaica. Yes, an acquaintance of mine went on a cruise to Jamaica, and several other surrounding places and since I've never been to the caribbean I thought it might me a good way to travel around, explore and see if I find a place that locks me down.

KFC. I am a bit of junkfoodie, so when ever we go abroad I always hope to stumble upon a Kentucky fried chicken There is a few KFC places in Sweden aswell, but no one around where I live, but I have already checked, and there's KFC both in Madeira and Dublin.

Loch Ness, definatly Loch Ness. Thats not just a cool place to visit but it's really close to Inverness and Culloden moor which is kind of a dream trip of mine. I mean, who doesnt want to go an see if the Loch Ness monster really exist?

//Angelica & Ann

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A great wishlist. I hope they all become true 👍🏻
Thank you =)
Emma Engström,
Italien är verkligen superfint, så får man chansen ska man åka!! <3
Jag håller med dig, enda stället jag varit besviken på är Venedig, men jag hade så höga förhoppningar.
Håller med om allt på önskelistan utom KFC, av den enkla anledningen att jag inte är så förtjust i kyckling. 😊
Haha ja då är kanske inte KFC en bra ide för din del 😃
Marias Memoarer,
Yes please till Italien <3 När jag beökte Gibraltar bodde vi i La Línea de la Concepción, gränsande staden på spanska sidan. Det var riktigt intressant att korsa Gibraltars flygfälts landningsbana för att ta sig över gränsen 😊
Ja det finns så otroligt många ställen i Italien somjag skulle vilja besöka, Toscana, Neapel Milano. Italien känns som ett land som man aldrig får nog av 😊