Ubud, Bali. Pt. 2🌴

This post will be dedicated to the day out that we spent at D’tukad River Club. This place has it all! Definitely recommend you to go here for a day. It was a short drive from Ubud centre, only 15 minutes or so. At the river club you’ll find several infinity pools, jungle swings, bars, several ‘nests’ to take pictures in, a waterfall, and lush jungle greenery everywhere you turn. They always play music which I thought was good but I saw some reviews saying they didn’t like it because they thought it was too loud and that the music didn’t suit for the occasion. It was at times very partyish music but it wasn’t a huge problem in our opinion.

The first thing we did when we got in was head to to the swings and get that over with haha. You can see in the pictures that the waterfall is right there. The swings were going off a big cliff side and right by the waterfall! I was nervous while getting strapped in but once on the swing it wasn’t bad at all, it was actually so relaxing with the breeze and stunning view. After a few swings they stopped me and I got off and turned around to face the club whilst swinging. This on the other hand was slightly awkward as half of the people at the club were watching and all you could do was try to not look at them or smile awkwardly! But overall, a lovely thing to do and hey, it’s not Bali without a Bali swing right?

There were steps leading down to the bottom of the waterfall where lots of people were swimming and you could even carry on walking alongside the stream.

How cool isn’t this?! One of those net bed things hanging over the cliff with little sitting puffs. So amazing, I could lay here all day. We had lunch here and it wasn’t amazing but that didn’t bother us in the slightest!

After being here for several hours we headed home and got ready to go out for dinner. We ended up eating Japanese ramen 🍜. It was really nice! We had a big day the day after so we turned it very early!

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Mr Ekeroth ,
I mean.. can it get more amazing than that? Love the updates, keep ‘em coming! Love you!
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