ROAD TRIP: 🇩🇪-🇩🇰-🇸🇪

Hi everyone!

About a week ago I got back home to England after having been on a road trip with two of my friends. We drove from Hamburg, Germany to Gränna, Sweden. To do this we had to drive north through Germany and take the ferry from putt-garden to Denmark. We then drove to Sweden, crossing over the bridge from Denmark to Malmö in southern Sweden and driving north to Gränna. The reason why we were going to Gränna was because we all went to school there (that's how we met) and we graduated a year ago and now was the school's reunion "föredetting"! This was such an incredible experience, a road trip with good friends is something you have to do at least once. It was also so nice to go back to our old school and meet all our friends again: it felt like nothing had changed, a year really has flown by! Enjoy the pictures, they are from various points of the road trip. ❤
P.S. I have to say that if you are in Sweden you have to go to Gränna sometime and experience one of their sunsets. Having lived there 3 years and having travelled all over the world I can safely say Gränna has the best sunsets EVER. Ask anyone that's been!

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