Mount Batur, Bali.🌴

One of the most amazing things I’ve ever done- climb Mount Batur. I was hesitant as to whether or not I wanted to do this, but I am so glad I did it. The thought of waking up VERY early and climbing a volcano when I wasn’t sure just exactly how tough it would be, wasn’t very persuading. We made the decision of going on this trip the night before at around 9pm. We were then quick to eat dinner and get to bed as within 5 hours our alarm clock would ring (1:30) and we would have to jump in a taxi and zoom to the base of the volcano. 

40 minutes in a pitch black car ride later and we were dropped off and given breakfast with other tourists who were also doing the climb. We enjoyed a nice hot coffee and a chocolate and banana pancake. After that we were driven to a car park where we would officially start! At this point it was absolutely freezing... Every person ready for this climb was dressed completely different to the other; some in swim shorts, others in professional walking gear and big coats, me and Jonte in our gym bottoms and a thin jumper we brought with “just in case”, and thank god we did bring it. We were each given a flashlight and then our walk began! At first it was relatively chill and a flat surface to walk on. It got progressively harder hahaha. For every 4 people there was 1 guide. Our guide was the cutest and best guide ever- a young guy our age called Augustus. Thankfully we took breaks regularly on the way up, and surprisingly enough I wasn’t the ‘weakest’ in our group. The poor French girl in our group looked to have a terrible time. It was very difficult for her and she even vomited when we got to the very top. But as I was saying, it got worse and worse the higher we got- steeper and steeper and rockier and rockier! In my opinion, this was way more fun than just walking on a flat surface. Climbing was challenging, but in a good way. After an hour and a half we got to the very top and sat on benches and waited for the sun to rise. At this point it was very cold and all of my clothes felt, wet? It was probably because had we literally been walking through the clouds. Believe me, it wasn’t the easiest to breathe deeply whilst walking through that either!

^^^ This was at the half way point where I re-tied my hair and prepared to carry on! Literally everyone seemed to be freezing but I was the complete opposite. But with the rate and distance we had been walking, who wouldn’t be hot? I guess only me! While we walked up we could see the city lights and before we knew it were were above the clouds already. Already stunning views.

As we waited on our bench we got a hot chocolate (life saving) and shortly after, our well sought after breakfast! Not going to lie, it was slightly disappointing when we received two pieces of soft bread and an undercooked boiled egg! Luckily enough, I was too hungry to care! Jonathan being the smart egg (pun intended) he is, basically made this into egg mayo sandwiches for us. Shortly after breakfast, the magic started...

Slowly but surely the sun crept up from under the clouds, revealing more and more surrounding mountains- all whilst painting beautiful colours across the sky. In the picture above you can see all of the walkers on the mountain side, admiring the view!

I can’t even describe how it felt to be up here. Unreal! To be chilling above the clouds just amazed me. Definitely the most beautiful view I’ve ever witnessed. There was also a certain feeling of freedom and calmness up there which again, was very nice.

Our tour guide literally took my phone from my hands several times and told us exactly how to pose and went full on photographer on us! What a king. Some poses more cringe than others, but still cute and so kind of him!

As the sun appeared, so did the monkeys! They were suddenly everywhere. One cheeky monkey even took to our breakfast and sat peeling away at the eggs! You’re welcome monkey xxx

It was so surprising to actually see the trail that we had walked up and view it in the daylight. The walk down was much more difficult than the walk up. The path consisted of many small rocks and so it was very slippery and easy to fall over. At one point I was slide tackled by a local and fell flat on my arse! This resulted in a big bruise on my bum and a cut in my hand. All part of the experience though? But after everything, I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone considering it! 

We stopped by an enormous canyon, that again, we were completely oblivious to on our way up! This spot was also covered in monkeys. We did more this day but I have a feeling that I should put that in a separate post as this one is huge! Stay tuned xx

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