What an island... I have to say I didn’t know what to expect when visiting this place- I’ve gotten such mixed signals about it. Some people have told me it’s the most beautiful place they’ve been and has some of the best diving spots in the world and then there’s negative stories about it in the newspapers etc about crimes being committed. I personally had a positive experience which I’m very grateful for🙏🏼

Now was the time to finally soak in the sun and swim in the sea!! Such warm and lovely water. We stayed on Sairee Beach which is apparently the beach where everything happens: all the restaurants and nightlife etc. We did however go see other beaches as well, once on a day trip by car to go snorkelling and another time by boat to several beaches and even a different island! Only negative about the sea was that sometimes there’d be small jellyfish that stink practically everyone...

The nightlife on Koh Tao was not a disappointment! This one place which is pictured above had a fire show EVERY night with music, body painting and bucket drinks! Another popular bar was fish bowl which was right on the beach and had a live band playing when we went.

Massages on the beach take the whole thing to the NEXT LEVEL. So peaceful and relaxing. Some great cafes and restaurants on the beach!

The day of the long boat trip was by far the best. We went to a few different spots and snorkelled and had lunch. The island ‘Nang yuan’ was breathtaking... such crystal clear water and a beautiful bay. To help preserve the beach you are not allowed to sit on it with a towel or anything that collects sand (they have beach chairs) and you aren’t allowed to take plastic bottles on to the island.

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