Föredetting Helg

This weekend was Grennaskolan’s yearly reunion for previously graduated students. I graduated in 2016 so this was my second year going back as a föredetting... It’s always just as nice to go back, it’s like going back in time to actually being a student there again: seeing all your classmates and friends again and doing the same things and going to the same places.

Hands down the best part about Gränna is the sunsets on lake Vättern. It’s always so unimaginably colourful and vibrant... will never get tired of them.

Of course going back was amazing but it was also so weird emotionally; leaving at the end of the weekend felt exactly like leaving after graduation did. Saying bye again to such amazing people who I once got the pleasure to be with everyday. On the bright side I am happy that föredetting at least exists and we have this one weekend a year to rewind time!



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