Christmas came early❄️

Never been so in the Christmas mood! Ever since November already I’ve been feeling like it’s Christmas every day. The snow definitely is part of that reason, I love it. We’ve also put up decorations early this year and been wrapping presents and doing other seasonal activities too.❄️

Yesterday before going to Julia’s for a julbord me and Jonathan decided to make something to bring for dessert! I looked up Christmas recipes and found one for gingerbread bars with cream cheese frosting which sounded nice. I somehow interpreted it as being a cake so when it was done I was thinking to myself how did the consistency get so messed up?? I warned people before they took some “it’s meant to be a cake but it somehow ended up with a cookie consistency and so now it’s more like a cheesecake!”. Now I have to write to them and tell them the truth so they don’t think I’m terrible at baking haha. But yeah, overall I thought it was really tasty and definitely tastes like Christmas in a mouthful.

Above are just some random pictures of some Christmas decorations and a picture when wrapping presents! Actually have almost everything I need to shop, that’s a first for this early! Hope you’re all feeling as Christmassy as I am.✨❄️🎅🏼🎄🍪

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Men såå härligt!!
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