A Summers Night

On Friday night it was one of those special summer nights which is one of the best parts about a Swedish summer. Drinking wine and BBQing whilst the sun sets, listening to good music whilst with better company... Going to miss this, and slightly sad that my summer here in Sweden is being cut short due to me and Jonathan moving. However, there will hopefully be many more opportunities for a Swedish summer in the future!

Sunsets are one of my favourite things in life; they are so incredibly beautiful and one of a kind, and happen almost every night! They look so surreal and it seems unimaginable to believe that they are naturally occurring (due to its beauty), yet they are completely natural and a part of our world. Sorry for being deep, and what I said may have not even made sense-the point is, I love sunsets and they are very pretty.

We grilled some pork, aubergine, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms. We ate this together with baked potatoes, salads and a gravy. It took longer to get the BBQ going than what was anticipated, so we were all starving to say the least. This made for an even more enjoyable meal haha. After we ate, it started to rain as though it was perfectly timed. Instead of running inside we sat under the parasol with our blankets and glasses of wine and carried on chatting the night away whilst the rain surrounded us!

Above was one of the wines which me and Jonathan bought together, purely because it looked cute and was reasonably priced. It is new to systemet and therefore had no review from them on how it tasted, a pure gamble! It was quite nice. I’m not the biggest wine expert though, so don’t take my word for it, ill drink any! I’m happy I’ve finally posted on here again, I will hopefully be posting a lot more with Bali and Australia coming up. Stay tuuuuuuned x 

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you know who,
I love this blog mr milner. keep on the amazing and inspirational posts. love reading them! you are the bestest <3 / mr ekeroth
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