Hey, today I'm going to travel to England. I'm going to a city called Birmingham located near London. For three months I'm going to live with a host-family, they live on a horse center with about 20 horses both jumping horses and dressage horses. I'm really excited about this trip because I think I will have so much fun during these three months, but I'm still really nervous about it because I have never met my host family. I have talked to them twice, but you never know how they are in real life. The hardest thing to leave Sweden is to leave my horses.

* * *

I just said goodbye to my family at the train station and now I'm sitting on the train to Copenhagen. I'm pretty scared because it's the first time I'm going to fly alone, the problem isn't the flight itself It's to find right at the airport.

Now I'm finally at the right gate on the airport, after walking around in 30 minutes. I'm boarding the plane in 35 minutes so I was planning to eat something before that because I don't prefer to eat on the plane because the food is disgusting there.

* * *

Now it's been a while since I wrote here, I've finally settled here. It's around 6 pm I've been here for almost two hours. It was little tricky at the airport because I couldn't find my host family at the airport because the airport was so freaking big and my phone died. After I borrowed a friendly person's phone to call my host mother, I found them. The funny thing was that I saw this family when I arrived at the airport but I didn't recognize them then ; ) It was just my host mother Karolin and my host father Kevin how met me at the airport. They were very nice I really like them, which was a big relief. On the way home from the airport, we talked about very much ( och ) as we say in Sweden which means everything between earth and sky. We talked a lot about horses, both my horses back in Sweden and their horses on the farm here in Birmingham. They told me little about every horse on the farm, one of the horses they told me about I stuck at because the description sounded so much like my own pony back in Sweden. We also talked about my new host brother, Benjamin They told me he was in the same age as me and that he loved horse and showjumping, which made me happy because we shared exactly the same interests. When we arrived at the farm I got quiet, I had never seen something like this before, it was like a fairytale castle. When we drove up to the house I saw many horses in their paddocks, everything lookt so peacefully. When the car stopped in front of the house the house door opened, out came their son Benjamin, he was exactly as Kevin and Katrin told me. He shook my hand and introduce himself.

* * *

Now I'm sitting here on my bed writing. My room is really nice it has a fireplace, a big closet, and an own bathroom. Benjamin has shown me around on the farm the past hour, it's a very big farm with many buildings and special places. The most spectacular thing on the farm is the outdoor riding arena because it's very big and has an amazing view. I can't wait to spend my days on the horseback in this riding arena. In half an hour, we will go into the town to eat at a restaurant, which is supposed to be the best restaurant in the town. 

* * *

Now I am home from an amazing dinner with my host family. The food was magnificent, I ate a seafood platter for main course and creme brulee for dessert. This day has been really good, I have got to know my host family pretty god, I really hope they like me as much as I like them :)) I will end this blog post with a couple of photos on the farm and from the dinner.

The house and my bedroom

Delicious food in Birmingham and the amazing outdoor arena

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