It's been one and a half week since I moved and time has been running by pretty fast. Luckily it's going really well so far!
Me and Nitzan celebrated 1 year of knowing each other on the 14th of February - I know it's Valentines Day, but we actually met each other at that date in 2017, so what can we do haha! Anyway we went out for dinner and ate at this really amazing Italian restaurant. I had a chestnut/pumpkin soup as a starter (picture above) and then I had ravioli with beetroot inside and a gorgonzola sauce. I am normally always going for the classic dishes like Bolognese or Carbonara but it was a special course only available on Valentines Day, so I thought I would give it a go and I'm so happy I did. It was delicious!
Not only did he invite me out for dinner, but he also bought me the most beautiful necklace with a seashell from this Israeli artist. It was a perfect evening and it made me very very happy.

The visa application is also moving forward. Today me and Nitz had our first meeting with the immigration office. I was kind of nervous before we went, because I didn't really know what to expect. As soon as we arrived and I saw the place I got calm about the procedure because it was really a messy place. Even though Israel feels like a European country in many ways, this was definitely not a European immigration office haha! Everything was super old and small. There was no real structure of the place and everyone was confused and running around like chickens to get ahead of each other in line. Also official papers was just lying around in the offices in stacks taller than Mount Everest. I was seriously thinking that so many papers must disappear all the time, because it didn't look like anyone really cared about having them in order haha! We were lucky because we had an "invitation" to come today at 9AM, where many others just has to show up, take a number and wait a lot of hours in line. It didn't take more than 45 minutes and in the end she told us that there was still some papers missing. But it's okay, because it will be fixed easily. So now we just have to deliver the last papers and then we have to schedule for an interview! Which by the way is the hard part, so we need to prepare ourselves well :) 

Also I was so happy to finally meet the newest little member of the family when I arrived. Little Omer came into the world the 30th of December, so she is almost 2 months old now. She is still at the age where she is sleeping most of the time, so she is not much fun yet - but very cute. I'm speaking English to her, so hopefully she will know how to speak a bit when she gets older (or maybe I will know Hebrew by that time!).

Anyway, Thursday = weekend and we are traveling up north to explore a bit and enjoy the days off. Nitz is studying every weekday for 8-10 hours, so we don't have a lot of time to enjoy each others company. But it's okay, I'm just very happy that he started something and that we are busy with life. I hope it's nice for you to read a bit about my everyday life as well, and I will keep you updated along the way.


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A lot of my latest posts has been about my life and thoughts when it comes to traveling and the things that comes with it, like leaving behind friends and family or being in a long distance relationship. When I started this blog it was because I wanted to share my traveling, exploring and great adventures with you and I want to keep doing that too. So this time around I made a list of some of my favourite cities around the world, and let's just say that I really think you should consider stopping by. For your information they are all listed randomly :)


Barcelona was my first love no doubt. I visited the city three times so far and I always want to go back. This was the city where I took my first solo trip with one of my best friends and what a blast seriously! We got drunk at a foam party, tanned pretty much naked at the beach, stayed in the perfect room with a small balcony (rented through AirBnB), and on top I ruined my phone (pictures forever lost..). Anyway, this city has it all. Old neighbourhoods with lot's of small cafes and beautiful buildings, opportunity for shopping and going to local markets, a big beautiful beach (!!!), nightlife, museums and parks. Tapas, Paella and Churros. And on top of it all - it's not too expensive.


This place was a crazy place to actually live. I'm from a country of 5.7 million people and there is 5.3 million in Sydney - you get the point. It's big and beautiful and I would not have skipped it ever. Like Barcelona Sydney is a combination of a lot of things. It has old and cute areas and they have the downtown with the skyscrapers. They also have plenty of beautiful beaches (one of them the famous Bondi Beach). They have food options you didn't know existed, you name it - they have it and it's hella good. One thing you have to be prepared for is the prices which are like Scandinavian prices (not cheap).


What a city! Like Sydney it has many different nationalities, but they are just more crazy. This city is very very special and not like anything I've visited before. Also I was only there for a couple of days and I would very much like to visit again. San Francisco has beautiful neighbourhoods and a lot of things to see and do! The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Fisherman's Wharf is just some of them. Beautiful parks and also a lot of different food. There is something for everyone in San Francisco.


My home for the next couple of months. I have been to the city plenty of times, but not on my own and I have no idea where what is - yet. What I do know is that it has great food, markets and cafes. It has a beautiful beach (which is SO important to me. I just need the ocean close), even though it's a city with nightlife and shopping opportunities. Also it's not so big yet, so everything is within reach. It gives me the exact same vibe as Barcelona has, so I'm sure we are going to become great friends. Last but not least the weather is pretty good all year around or at least in my mind it's really good. Tel Aviv only has the same amount of rainy days a year as we have sunny days in Denmark haha.


I visited Hong Kong for 2 or 3 days in 2015, so it's a long time ago. But wow! It's the New York of Asia (I imagine). Super fancy and very important people, but also local people selling street food and driving you in a yellow cab. This city is great for a stop between flights, but I would recommend to stay for around 5 days instead of just 2 or 3. There is plenty of stuff to see and do and I know that there is some amazing islands close by also.

I hope it gave you some kind of inspiration for future traveling. I do have more cities that I wanted to put on the list, but we'll take that another time. Have a great Friday <3




The closer to the 13th of February the more happy and nervous I'm getting. I'm moving overseas (again)!
I did it two times before and I've actually lived in both Sweden and Australia in the last 3 years. But it still gives me an amazing feeling, especially because this time it's to a country that's very different from my own. It's a different language, different culture and different religion - which just makes it even more exiting. Anyway, I'm moving to.... ISRAEL!

I know I just came home not long ago, but I also know that there is not going to be a better time for me to move in with my boyfriend in his home country and really get to know it better. A lot of the understanding of each other as people also lies within the history, culture and religion of the country they are from. So why not? What do I have to loose? Also it's just a really great opportunity for me to explore the world more.

There was a lot of things that needed to be settled before and I've been working on that on/off since I got home. Finally everything is ready and I'm actually very ready myself. Because one thing I needed was to proceed the fact that I had to leave my family and friends behind again, and what I learned within the last month is that they know me well enough to know that this is what makes me happy. And they will hopefully take advantage of me and come for visits haha!

Anyway I hope you'll have a great Sunday. Talk soon.




The other day I was walking to the train and I was thinking about my "plans" for the future. What do I want to do? Job? Education? Family? Hobbies? Goals? It's almost 4 years ago since I graduated high school and I did a lot of things and have many experiences. But each year I become more aware of my time. And when I say my time, I mean MY time. Not my friends time, or my parents time or even the governments time. My own time. Am I wasting it or is this exactly how it's supposed to be?
Each time I have returned home from traveling people have asked me the same question - "What is your plan now?" Most of the time I have an answer to that question and just as often I'm actually not really sure about the answer. Sometimes the plan is for the next couple of weeks and sometimes for half a year. But rarely more than that. I haven't really had a plan or a certain goal for my own future - not since I started high school and the goal was to finish.. I have never known what education I wanted to take, what job I could see myself in and in the beginning I thought I would go and travel a bit and that the answer would fall from the sky like meteor or hit me like a lightning and that then I would just know. That it would just come to me one random day.
Anyway each year passing by I realise that it's not going to happen that way. I might have taken a lot of time to figure that out and it also might seem like the obvious, but it just hasn't been the right time for me. My time. I know there is people who graduated university at 23 and didn't get a salary job until they we're 28. I know there's people who never went to university and had a great salary job from when they were 22. I know there's people who have children and are single, I know there's people who are married and had to wait 10 years to become parents. I know there's people who are in a relationship and loves someone else. I know there's people who loves each other and aren't together. There are people waiting to love and be loved. My point is, everything in life happens according to our time, our own clock. You may look at your friends and some may seem to be ahead or behind you, but they're not. They are living according to the pace of another clock, their clock. So be patient; no one is falling behind or getting ahead it's just not your time - yet. And a lot of people feel like my time is running out, that I need to get moving - that I need to start my life, start studying and take life seriously. But my life has already started a long time ago and I'm taking life very seriously - just maybe not in the same way or at the same time as everyone else. And now it's Friday and cheers to that!




I know we are in 2018 and have been for a while, but I still wanted to share a small recap of my travels in 2017, because I actually started the year not having a clue about what to do or what I would end up doing. I jumped into 2017 with my friends from Krogerup Folk High School (the best school invention ever! Look it up if you don't know what it is), and the only thing I knew was that I would go to Iceland for 10 days in the beginning of January. But from then on things completely escalated into a year filled with adventures.

I ended up visiting 11 different countries, I flew 38 times, only had 53 days at home but 312 days overseas and I met hundreds of new people. It's been absolutely amazing. So I made a list of the countries I traveled to and when, to keep track of it. You'll see my full traveling schedule below :)

ICELAND : 3rd - 13th of January

PHILIPPINES : 17th of January - 4th of February

INDONESIA : 4th of February - 4th of March

SINGAPORE : 4th - 8th of March

PHILIPPINES : 8th - 22nd of March

MYANMAR : 23rd of March - 3rd of April

THAILAND : 3rd - 5th of April

SRI LANKA : 5th - 28th of April

ISRAEL : 28th of April - 7th of June

EGYPT : 30th of May - 3rd of June

DENMARK : 7th of June - 13th of July

ISRAEL : 13th - 17th of July

AUSTRALIA : 17th of July - 24th of November

ISRAEL : 25th of November - 20th of December

DENMARK : 20th of December

And that's it! I am definitely not going to travel that much in 2018, but I hope that I'll make a few trips here and there. And yes this past year has been filled with ups and downs, but I would with no doubt do it all over again.
Feel free to ask any questions!




Life has been flying by the last month and I've taken my time to just zoom out and enjoy doing nothing and everything. It's nice being home again and seeing family and friends for the first time in half a year. And by the way - thank you, thank you and more thank you for your feedback on the last post about being in a long distance relationship. I appreciate it so much!

Anyway, I had a wonderful Christmas and New Years with good food, party and great people. I've celebrated my moms birthday and Nitz has been here for 2,5 weeks exploring the Scandinavian countries (Yes, we actually went to both Sweden and Norway in 6 days haha). Now he flew back home and I'm in the process of getting everything back together after a long time overseas. Also I'm going back to Israel soon for a longer period of time and everything needs to be ready for that. So a lot is going on at the moment! I literally have a to do list with 32 things on it.... I know it's long, but I am slowly ticking them off one by one. And also I love to do lists - it just makes me way more focused.

Now I'm going back to my to do list and hopefully check another couple of things off. See you again soon.




I can't count how many times people have asked me "Isn't it difficult being with someone from another country?", "Isn't it wierd having to speak english together?", "Isn't it exiting to be with someone from another culture?", and so on. And to answer the questions is not that difficult - yes, yes and yes. But also no, no and no. I wanted to explain how it is, because I really do understand that it's interesting and I think that most of the things are two sided.

There is many types of long distance relationships. You can live in different corners of a country or different corners of the world. You can be of two different nationalities or the same. It can be for a couple of months or for 20 years. Every situation is different. I'm in the kind of relationships that goes over borders, nationality and even religion. Actually we couldn't have made it more hard for ourselves than that haha. Luckily it's not more than a 5 hour direct flight and some getting to and from each airport. But it still is in two different places of the world with many many differences. And yes it is tough sometimes, but the positives sides makes up for it by a thousand. A lot of people also thinks it's a choice you can easily make, saying "you can just choose not to be in a relationship with someone from another country" and that is true. But think about not being with someone you love just because they are from a different country. I don't feel like that's even an option. Or it's at least not the option I would ever take, because what if it works out? What if it's the best thing you will ever experience? If you'll never try, you'll never know said ... someone ... at some point. And this was seriously what I thought when I was doubting if it was a good idea to be with Nitzan.

I can only imagine how it will be even more difficult with time, because right now we are young and there is a lot of things we don't need to think about yet. We don't have kids, house or cars. But it is something that might be in the future. Where are we going to live? Where is our kids supposed to grow up? Where do we have the best opportunities? Where are we supposed to be buried? How and where can we get married? What if we get divorced and have kids and one moves to their own country? What traditions will we keep? Do we need double citizenship? It's not something we need to think about yet, but we do need to think about it earlier in the relationship, because a lot of it can be a crazy long progress. Also it's easier to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you figure out things like this.
But there's also things we do need to think about. One of the first things I noticed was the language barrier. We speak pretty good english both of us, but I do find myself not able to explain exactly what I mean. Sometimes you will also misinterpret what the other person is saying. It's definitely the most common reason for our fights - just a small misunderstanding because of the language barrier. It's something that get's better with time, because you eventually learn to understand the other person without language. The good thing about the language is that it's the perfect time to learn a new one! It's very nice if it's a more used language like french or spanish, but way more unique if you find yourself in the process of learning a language that is only spoken by a smaller amount of people. Language is also a really good way to naturally understand the culture of the country.

I also find it a bit difficult having to deal with the big distance when it comes to family and friends. Because you will find yourself away from the people you love. If I could move the food and the weather of Israel to Denmark, it would be perfect! But that is unfortunately not the case, so you will have to choose at some point or split the time in the two places. Luckily it's an amazing experience to get to know another country. Especially when you do it with someone who knows the place so well, who can teach you and challenge you every day - but keeps holding your hand until you know the place enough to walk yourself. Hopefully and eventually the country will almost feel like your own.

Anyway, this was just a small amount of what it is like and how I personally feel about it. Because it really is not so simple and easy, but you can always choose to make it as easy as possible. If you have any questions or you are wondering about something, please feel free to ask :)

Have a nice Sunday!


Jeg kan ikke tælle hvor mange gange jeg er blevet spurgt "Er det ikke svært at være sammen med en fra et andet land?", "Er det ikke underligt at skulle snakke engelsk sammen?", "Er det ikke spændende at være sammen med en fra en anden kultur?" og så videre. Og for at svare kort - jo, jo og jo. Men også nej, nej og nej. Jeg ville gerne prøve at sætte ord på hvordan det er eller forklare om de problemer der opstår, for jeg synes også selv det er spændende og jeg synes det er et emne der har to meget vigtige sider til alt.

Der findes flere forskellige former for langdistance forhold. Man kan bo i hvert sin ende af ét land eller hver sin side af jorden. Man kan have samme nationalitet eller to forskellige. Man kan være væk fra hinanden i et par måneder eller i 20 år. Hver enkelt situation er forskellig. Jeg er i et forhold der går over grænser, med to forskellige nationaliteter - ja selv to forskellige religioner. Heldigvis er det ikke mere end en 5 timers direkte flyvetur og et par timer på hver side til at komme til og fra lufthavnen. Men det er altså i hver sin verdensdel med mange mange forskelligheder. Og ja, det er hårdt nogle gange, men de positive sider vejer mere end hundrede gange op for det. Mange mennesker tror det er et valg man bare kan tage og det er tildels rigtigt, men det er en af de sværeste valg overhovedet. Hvordan skal man kunne vælge en person fra som man elsker på grund af landegrænser og distance? Det er jo ikke ligefrem fordi man beslutter sig for at falde for personen i første omgang, det er bare noget der sker. Og hvad hvis det kan lykkedes? Hvad hvis det kommer til at være det bedste nogensinde? "If you never try, you'll never know" var der en eller anden der sagde engang. Og det var vitterligt hvad jeg tænkte i starten, da jeg var i tvivl om om jeg skulle fortsætte. Og det er noget jeg fortsat skal minde mig selv om.

Jeg kan kun forstille mig at det bliver sværere med tiden, for lige nu er vi unge og har hverken børn, hus eller bil. Men det er noget der kommer til at fylde i fremtiden (hvis vi nogensinde når dertil). Hvor skal vi bo? Hvor skal vores børn vokse op?Hvor skal vi begraves? Hvordan kan vi nogensinde blive gift? Hvad hvis vi bliver skilt og har børn? Skal vi holde alle traditioner? Hvis ikke, hvilke skal vi så holde? Skal vi have dobbelt statsborgerskab? Desuden er det noget man er nødt til at tænke på forholdsvis tidligt for at gøre det nemmere i fremtiden. Det lyder måske åndssvagt og lidt mærkeligt, men man er nødt til at have planer og finde ud af mulighederne for at blive sammen, for ellers kan man ikke se noget lys for enden af tunnelen.
Men der er altså også ting man helt automatisk tænker på og en af de første ting var sprogbarrieren. Vi taler begge to rigtig godt engelsk (med accent bevares), men det er hverken mit eller hans modermål. Det betyder altså at vi begge godt kan befinde os i situationer hvor det er svært at forklare eller beskrive lige præcis det vi mener. Super frustrerende! Det fører så også til en del misforståelser. Det er faktisk oftest grunden til at vi skændes, simple misforståelser fordi vi ikke har ordene til at forklare bedre. Det er noget der helt klart er blevet bedre med tiden, fordi man så småt lærer hinanden bedre at kende og man næsten ikke behøver ord for at forklare hvad man føler eller mener. Det sindssygt fede er at man tilgengæld helt naturligt begynder at lære et nyt sprog. Det er virkelig brugbart hvis det er spansk, fransk eller en af de større sprog, men meget specielt hvis man lærer et sprog der kun tales af få. Sprog er desuden så vigtig en nøgle til at forstå kulturen i et land.

Jeg synes også det er lidt svært at skulle håndtere at være væk fra venner og familie, men det er noget som vi begge er nødt til at ofre i perioder for at kunne være sammen. Hvis jeg kunne flytte den israelske madkultur og vejret til Danmark ville det være perfekt! Men sådan fungerer det jo ikke, og man bliver bare nødt til at indse at man må ofre nogle ting man holder af en gang i mellem. Heldigvis er det en fantastisk oplevelse at lære et nyt land at kende, især når man gør det med en som viser vejen, udfordrer dig og holder din hånd samtidigt. Forhåbenligt vil man til sidst næsten føle sig hjemme.

Jeg stopper lige inden det bliver alt for langt, for jeg tror det kræver mange ord at beskrive og forklare hvordan det er. Det er ikke nemt eller simpelt, men man kan jo prøve at gøre det så let som muligt. Hvis du har spørgsmål eller undrer dig over noget, så spørg endelig løs :)

Ha' en dejlig søndag!




Another monday and another list of small things to appreciate a little bit extra. I'm actually back in Israel for the next months and it's so good being back! I missed this place a lot.! Enjoy the list and have a lovely monday xx


Endnu en mandag og endnu en liste med små ting, du skal huske at sætte lidt ekstra pris på. Jeg er faktisk lige kommet tilbage til Israel og bliver her den næste måned inden det er hjem til Danmark og jul. Smil det er mandag! Og jeg håber du får en dejlig en af slagsen xx

1. Long weekends
Yes please. Long weekend every week, thank you. That extra day off just makes the week seem a thousand times shorter. Hurray!

2. Going barefoot
I don't know about you, but I love going barefoot when it's summer. They might get a little dirty, but they feel way better than being stuck inside a shoe.

3. A good nights sleep
A good nights sleep is amazing. I don't know how many times a good nights sleep has saved EVERYTHING for me, but it's a lot of times.


1. Lang weekend
Ja tak! Et styks lang weekend hver uge til mig. Det er helt vildt at én ekstra dag kan gøre at ugen føles tusinde gange kortere. Hurra for lange weekender!

2. At gå barfodet
Jeg ved ikke hvad du synes, men jeg elsker at gå med bare fødder om sommeren. De bliver måske en smule beskidte, men de føles meget bedre.

3. En god nats søvn
En god nattesøvn er fantastisk. Jeg ved ikke hvor mange gange en god nattesøvn har reddet ALT for mig.

4. Singing along
In the shower, in the car, while cooking or when you are doing homework. Singing along to songs without caring how it sounds just instantly lifts my mood!

5. Sunsets
The most beautiful ending of a day! Actually I have decided to watch more sunsets. I mean there is one every single day, and taking 15 minutes of the schedule to watch it, should be doable. At least a couple of times per week.


4. At synge med
I badet, i bilen, mens du laver mad eller lektier - at skråle med på alle mine yndlingssange uden at bryde mig om hvordan det lyder, kan løfte mit humør helt vildt.

5. Solnedgang
Den smukkeste slutning på dagen! Jeg har besluttet mig for (lige nu faktisk), at jeg vil se flere solnedgange. Jeg mener der er en hver evig eneste dag, og at tage 15 minutter ud af skemaet for lige at se solnedgang burde da kunne lade sig gøre ikke? I hvert fald hver anden dag.