​Hi pretty ladies ❤

Today was a fully day....in the morning, me, my mum and sis went to shop in our "City" (called Mora) ​actually it's the most ("NOT") City at all, it's a piece of dirtiness, with people who spreading false rumors and shit:) And all the other "angels" believes it and spreads it further. ​We shopped clothes and I borrowed 3 books ​Can u guess? ​ YES Gossip Girl We ate thai food and sushi, ​okey I know that is wrong  ​I felt even thicker...¨

After that my gran visited us and we ate food and had a nice evening :) Her dog is such a little cuuuutttiiie ❤ 

After that I went to see Gossip girl and answer all the ​Fucking​ people who thinks I'm dead because I don't answer my snaps:)) ​Yeaa I meant specially u there

Hope u like my second one :) (​no I'm not going to count all the pages and blog posts. u can be calm:)



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This is my English blog:) if you want to read my Swedish blog -> www.nouw.com/jonssonanna there u have it.

I can't write on English so if it any sentences or words who's wrong, u know why. I hope u going to like my blog. 

'Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonssonannaa

instagram: jonssonannaa

xoxo A.M 👄