RIGHT NOW: I've just put on three washing machines and waiting to put them in the dryer, lol, the rest of the day I'll spend in the library as it's my day off UNI.

BIGGEST HIGHLIGHT: On Saturday we got tickets for Britneys concert in Glasgow in August!! It was also very nice to dress up for the Norwegian student ball on Saturday.

BIGGEST LET DOWN: Making appointments and people flaking last minute must be the most annoying thing, and a big let down.

MOST READ BLOGPOST: 'Studere i Storbritannia: Min Erfaring, 'Catch Flights, not Feelings' & 'January .'

CRAVING OF THE MONTH: Homemade pizza!

MUSIC OF THE MONTH: the songs that's been most played are probably 'John My Beloved- VERITE', ' VINCENT - James Blake' and 'All the stars - Kendrick Lamar ft. SZA'

BEST MEMORY: Our flat dinner was so nice. 90s Cheesy nights out was also pretty good.

ANNOYANCE OF THE MONTH: The fact that I gave up on the #nouw30daychallenge within the first week is a bit annoying! I really don't have the time to make good content everyday while at the same time doing my masters.. I'll still update and try to aim for at least three posts a week though.

BEST BUY: Probably the Misguided dress I got for the ball!

BINGE WATCH: FRIENDS. Like the rest of the UK I've binge watched the series for the past month as its finally available on the UK Netflix.

DISH OF THE MONTH: Homemade Norwegian Meatcakes (eller Norske Kjøttkaker om du vil).

PLANS FOR THE NEXT MONTH: Save Money! and live in the library, fun.

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Okay jut to be clear, first of all i'm not pregnant...

Trimester is what they call the master semestres at my university, even though some of my friends have been confused when I say I've started the second trimester, lol. In this post I'm going to go through my modules for January - April, within these months we have eight assignments (two in each module), the stress level is high.

International Festival & Events Management


This is probably the module I'm most excited about, it's all about Festivals and special events, which is super interesting! Last trimester we had about Business Events, but festivals is the area I would prefer and are interested working within. We learn about most aspects of planning a Festival and what to think about around the event. We've only had three lectures, but so far it's really interesting.

Research Methods


This module is all about researching and preparing our topics for the masters dissertation we're writing in the third trimester. I really want to combine the three modules above to find a suiting topic for my masters.

Strategic Brand Management


Another module I find super interesting, and I didn't have any strictly brand modules on my bachelors degree. However, we have the class on Thursday afternoons, having lectures until 18.00 is so dreadful. We are looking into different brands strategies and see how they manage it all. In our first assignment we have to look into a brand and discuss their brand strategy, how they created the brand, branched out and how they would go international. I've gotten to choose the Kardashian-Jenner clan as a brand, which is very entertaining to look into as its a guilty pleasure of mine, and I must admit, Kris Jenner is a Business/Marketing Genius.

Direct & Digital Marketing


In this module we're looking more into the digital marketing of brands, and Social Media, Influencers, Databases, Statistics etc. is a big part of the topics we're covering this trimester. We still haven't gotten really into it but this is also very interesting, especially in relation to the blog.

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Good Morning! This post is based on yesterday happenings as it's still too early to have done some of it today.. I'm spending my Wednesday shopping for an evening dress for Saturdays ball, and gonna start working on my assessments in the library... Fun!

1. How Old are you in 5 years? I'm 28! Five years seems like such a small amount of time tho...

2. Who have you spend time with for at least two hours today? My classmate Camille from Paris in our 9am lecture.

3. How tall are you? 161 cm.

4. What was the last movie you watched? The Greatest Showman in the Cinema last Friday!

5. Who did you last call? My mom.

6. Who called you last? My friend Saskia.

7. What does your last Message say? Anyone keen for a pub crawl tomorrow?

8. What time did you wake up today? 7am!

9. Do you prefer the sea or the pool? The Sea!

10. Where are you in 10 years? In 10 years i hope I've have a secure job within Marketing, be well traveled, have a husband (?) and children, being happy & content with life.

How are you spending your Wednesday? 

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It's Tuesday. I have a 9am lecture in Research Methods. I've got a killer cold... Flue Season has begun in Edinburgh. I hope your week have had a better start than me...

Throwback Tuesday 

Throwback to Saturdays flat dinner where all of the eight girls prepared a dish from their home country, we had one in November as well, and it's always a good time and ALL the food is so delicious! Since everyone have different schedules we don't always see each other during the week, so it's nice with a proper catch up over good food. The best thing about having dinner together is that we're from all over the world, so there will be Chinese, Indian, Russian, German, Portuguese, French & Norwegian food at the table. We also got to say cheers in Russian, when learning how to take vodka shots the Russian way, involving breathing out & Pickles instead of Lime.

It's also a good excuse for us twenty somethings to call our moms for the recipes of traditional food, I myself made traditional Norwegian Hjemmelagde Kjøttkaker, which I've never made before. The result was surprisingly successful, and I've now had left-over dinner for three days😍.

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Hi guys, happy Monday! The past week have been quite busy being back to university again, trying to get back to those routines.

Since I find it quite hard to follow up on the blog during a hectic week, It's really cool that Nouw is doing the #nouw30daychallenge, this way I can challenge myself to do exactly what I'm struggling with. I saw it last year but didn't have time to do it. However, this year I'm up for the challenge. Check out the challenge here.

Over the 30 days of the challenge, starting from today, 22.January, I wish to take better pictures, write more and find 'my voice', and to be consistent in blogging about life abroad. One of my new years resolutions is exactly this - taking better pictures, blog more and be consistent in it, so this challenge is a perfect start to 2018. The fact that the price is a trip to Paris is also very tempting, but the motivation is most of all about challenging myself to blog consistently.

Since i'm a full time master student it's going to be a challenge to find the balance between my study, social life and blogging, I'm also planning a trip to London in February, and we have assignment deadlines creeping up within the challenge dates, but I am motivated to do it!

Good luck to everyone who is participating in the challenge ✨

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