Well hello there. It's been a while, again.

Life is going well, like it usually does. Nothing especially new up until this point, so not much to update the blog on until now, when I have decided to switch things up a bit again.

I'm planning, from now on, to do a bit of caching up on London. I have told the closest people in my life that I am moving away from London in July, and that decision made me write a little list with the things I have left to do here.

On my bucket-list I have written 'Do all the tourist-y things in London', and I am slowly working my way to that goal. I am booking tour-trips high and low, I am going to a new museum every weekend, and I am finally going to the Harry Potter studio tour. I also have a ticket to see a Shakespeare play, and I am planning to go the last 'every day' things with my friends, such as going to Speedy's sandwich bar etc.

One other things the decision of going back to Sweden has made me do, is plan a lot of 'doing things for the last time' things. Going to museums I never really took in when I went there the first time, and going to certain areas that I used to go to a lot. So I'm in the middle of planning out walks to walk to make the most of the time I have on the weekend, and where to go around what time. I will be doing some short videos about each area in London that I usually spent time in, that I will put up on my youtube channel, just so I can go back and watch them whenever I get homesick for London! So if you want to share my London-love, you're welcome to go to my youtube channel and watch them by the time I've put them up.

Wish me good luck to have the time I need to do everything again, I sure hope I will! x

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Dear god, I feel like I'm writing update upon update, sorry about that. 3 months is far too long to not write something here. The last post was before christmas? Damn I should get a lot better at this...

So what's going on then? Well, the job is going perfectly, the kids are lovely, and we have gotten used to each other really well! Today tough, is the first day I've been home from work of the 7 months I've worked for them. Why? I have something similar to food poisoning, i have no idea what though. So now I'm trying to get things done and not mope around in bed all day. I will be clinging onto my hot water bottle throughout the day, though. I can promise you all that.

And life-wise? It's all going real damn good actually. I've had a little bit of a lifestyle change, I'm planning trips all over, and I'm feeling good, if you don't count today. I'm liking it like I have it right now, people coming over to visit maybe once a month, and me going to visit them, and meet them in other countries too! The next weekend I'm going to Germany for about a week, in may I'm meeting Lena and Chris in Paris for a weekend, then I'm going to Sweden for a week, back to London, and in the summer Sweden for a few months again. In autumn me and Lena are going to New York. That's a few things I want to get done today, all the travelling plans, and packing for Germany, I wont have much more time other than today if I don't.

This year will be the last year that I spend on travelling for maybe 2 years though. I've booked all the places I want to go at this point so far, and then I'll focus on saving money to go places further away!

Now I'll try to drink a cup of tea or two, I'd do anything to feel better right now...



A few weeks ago me and Anna went to Harrods, to do some holiday shopping and have afternoon tea! It was lovely, and she'd bought me a gift, thank you lovely - the chocolates were great! :D I know this post is late, but I've not been in the blogging mood, and I've been busy with packing and planning for next year!

Most of the travels are planned and booked, Germany for visit Mila for a week in spring, followed by Sweden two times in the summer, in the autumn me and Lena finally booked a flight to New York for a week, and after that Sweden again! The flights keep piling up every year, which was my goal for this time in London! Well done me!

I've now arrived home over the holidays, and mom is waiting for me to bake some christmas sweets! This week is going to go very quickly, and I've got a lot of things to do before going home to London again!

Happy holidays! xx



Today was the Hampstead Christmas festival, with reindeers, markets and tivoli rides! Thy even had a ferris wheel?! I figured I'd go to look what they had since I was going into London to buy things anyway, and it turned out really nice! I went through the market with a cup of Mulled wine, and when I felt ready (and a bit cold) I went into the central and did the last things. I quickly went into Costa to buy a hot chocolate (with extra marshmallows, the people working there should know my order by heart now haha!) on the way home! A lovely day, but with a cold it was only a short one, and in a few hours I'll probably go to bed! 



This week has been going past very quickly, with a lot of fun moments with the children! My favourite moment were when me and the little girl talked about 'The Flash' and all the powers he had and how he was super fast and all she cared about was if he could cook. Because 'If he can't cook he can't eat food and then he can't run.' She's very clever that little one. And for the rest of the week she wouldn't let it go. She wanted us to 'Become the Flash' on the way home from daycare every day. Bless her!

This weekend I've bought the last of the gifts that I need to have bought for Christmas already. Only one left for the parents of the family I'm working for. It feels so good to have it all done, especially when all tourists are coming in to London to buy things soon, so that I don't have to go in to Oxford Street in the rushes on the weekends. It's also nice that I can use the rest of the weekend to rest - seeing that I've gotten the worst cold from the 5 year old. A lot of honey tea and blankets for me. I'll use the rest of this weekend to catch up on sleep, films and series, which I'm definitely not complaining about!



Wow. That is everything I've got to say right now. One of my top goals when I moved here was to meet maybe around 5 Youtubers, if I did that I was happy with my time here. Today I met over 15, and not just the small ones, some of the biggest British Youtubers. I'm so happy!

Me and Anna was saying before today that we wanted to go to a premier, and when I heard that Joe Sugg - ThatcherJoe, and Caspar Lee had a film coming out, that would have a big premier on Leicester Square I asked her at once if she wanted to give it a try to go and see them. She said yes and we had the attitude of 'we will just go there and see how many people are there'. It turned out a lot of people were there, but we still ended up on the second row on one of the best places you could have along the carpet. We made friend with the two girls in front of us, and had a lovely time queuing with them, while drinking hot chocolate!

Now - I only took videos, and I tried my best to screenshot them, but most of the pictures were blurry so I'm sorry again for the (very) bad quality. My phone died before I could get a picture with/of the last two Youtubers (Joe Sugg and KSI, and I didnt manage to get a good picture or video of neither of the Sugg siblings, which kills me a little bit inside, but oh well...), which was a shame, but I saw plenty and got pictures of most of the other ones! Some of the ones I saw were:

Zoe Sugg - Zoella, & Alfie Deyes - Pointlessblog.

Marcus Butler & Niomi Smart, who got out of their car RIGHT in front of us, such a pretty coupe that it hurts!

Tanya Burr & Jim Chapman

Oli White, Conor Maynard, KSI & Josh Pieters

Joe Sugg - ThatcherJoe & Caspar Lee

Dodie Clark (The most lovely person ever) & Evan Edinger

Louise Pentland - Sprinkleofglitter.

And several other ones that I don't remember the name of and don't follow on Youtube, but one of them was the founder of the Real Techniques makeup brushes.