Why is always Mondays a very tired day?

A new week and the last week of February. Can’t believe how fast the months go now? Me and my collegue talked about that today and how the older we get the time goes so much faster. No easy answer but maybe it’s because when we are younger we learn new things all the time, meet new people all the time and evolve in another way and then as we get older we maybe have the same job for many years and have the same kinda routines every day. What do you think? Any ideas of your own?
Well this week it’s spring break for the kids but my boys need to be at the after school center today and tomorrow before they’ll be off the rest of the week. Johan will be home and I’ll work until Thursday then we all have a long weekend together❤️

Monday’s are my kinda hate day and has always been. Not because I don’t like my job but because no matter if I’ve had the weekend off I’m always sooo tired on Monday’s. Today I was so tired around lunch time at work so I felt I could just fall asleep😉 but luckily the weather is amazing outside with sun, blue sky and +8 degrees so I “woke up” when picking up the boys but now I’m lying in my couch resting and maybe I’ll take a short power nap. Power naps are my way to function on day to day basis.
Today’s outfit: coat Ducie of London, jeans Gina tricot, knit Lisa Yang, bag Louis Vuitton and sneakers Balenciaga




Gud vilken snygg kappa! <3

Thanks so much ❤️