When it turns

Friday and I woke up by myself at 07.40 but was so exhausted and tired so I felt I just wanted to lie and sleep and do nothing all day. It’s the busy days at work this week that take it’s toll on the body. It’s been crazy busy for a long time and I’m longing for some vacation soon.
But I decided it was better to do my workout and then get out in the lovely sunny weather. Blue sky and cold but not minus degrees at least.
Went and bought some new blouses and socks that I needed and then some lovely flowers from a nice small flower shop called Helt enkelt. Just how lovely are they? So much spring in the colors!
Then a visit to Nella at The Gallery where I get almost all my clothes and got myself the coolest combined rain coat with a detachable vest. Will show it on soon. And a new pair of my favorite sneakers from Golden goose. Black color which I don’t have any from them so had to get them.

Tomorrow I work again and evening shift and then morning shift Sunday but tonight I’ll enjoy Friday with a nice glass of Cava, good food and relaxing.
Enjoy your evening too❤️




Lovely flowers! Have a good weekend <3