Took a deep sigh

Hey all!
Back at work today and slept well last night so a good day. After work I picked up my boys at school and then me and Johan did a super sweaty and hard CrossFit session so now I’m quite dead. Soon dinner and today rice and chicken curry. What we eat the most now is actually rice and chicken so soon I’m sure I’ll end up looking like a chicken🐥

My mood today was clouded cause I haven’t told you that we have had workers here on our house (we live in a penthouse) since September last year. They have been fixing the house facade, new windows and more. It’s been so annoying having them here for so long with people outside our windows and inside this whole time and now we thought they would be done but no- they had made so many mistakes AND then we found a wall in our living room we suspected had moist in it and today they have taken the wallpaper down and - black mold inside... I just lost my mood and feeling depressed.. now we have to have them here longer and well it’s just exhausting but well sorry for my dark mood. I’ll be ok but I’m normally so positive and thinking good thoughts but now and then I guess even the most optimistic person have to be negative for a day😉

Today’s outfit: jeans Toteme, knit Lisa Yang, blazer Gina tricot, bag Louis Vuitton, sneakers Veja and sunglasses Ray Ban