Do what make you feel good

Hey all!
A calm and lovely Sunday is soon over cause I’m going up at 05.00 tomorrow to be at work at 06.45. It’s hard for me and my body cause I truly aren’t a morning person and to help my body I try and really take it easy and do stuff that doesn’t give me stress. This is a decision I made for this year to reduce my blood pressure and to feel better. So far I’ve cut down on to much exercising and now I do it when I feel like it and have energy for it. I also wanna do more relaxing and calming exercising in between such as yoga stretch and Pilates.

Tonight I did a 20 minute Pilates session at home with a programme through internet and then stretch afterwards. Feel super calm and relaxed and yesterday I ran 30 minutes outdoors which is sooo good for both body and soul.

I chased a fitness body before - now I chase a strong relaxed and healthy body. I want to live long and a high blood pressure is a warning sign not to take lightly.