Day 2 of 6

Hey all!
Home after another work day and now I’ve done 2 out of 6 work days this week. It’s been a hectic one as almost every day at my job. There are many babies born every day and most days roll super fast and it’s not often I can sit down and rest but mainly running around most of the time. But I love it✨

Now a bit of sitting down resting before a workout and then food. Both Nemo and Mio are ill so they’ve been at home with Johan who has been working from home and it’s good he’s got a job where he can do that so I don’t have to be at home since I am needed at my job as a nurse.

The covid situation here is so and so- it’s been a bit less hard on the hospital here where I live but still we have more restrictions and need to be so careful all of us. Also me even if I am vaccinated of course. I believe most of us are a bit tired of it all and now it’s been a year exactly since my city got its first covid patient. It’s looking better now than it was back then but still it’s a long way to go before we can get back to somewhat normal life I believe. Luckily we can still make and release albums and I’m happy soon you’ll have my first single out to listen to✨
I hope I can tell you more exact details soon but just wait a little more. I know the dates but have to wait until my record label want to go out with it all.

Today’s outfit: jeans Toteme, coat Acne studios, boots ATP atelier, bag Louis Vuitton, shirt Aiayu and cap Stadium