Crispy white

Well hello all!
How’s your Monday going? Here it’s been my third off day from work and so well needed to have these a bit longer resting periods from work. I sometimes feel I do nothing but work hehe and I work full time and being a nurse in the hospital is many work days but well I love my job so it’s ok✨
Had a bad stomach pain this night due to eating lots of garlic in the dinner yesterday and my little belly didn’t appreciate that so much🙈 so I couldn’t fall asleep until 01.30 and woke up at 07 but luckily I have been sleeping and taking naps my whole weekend so I’m still feeling ok.
Then I did today’s workout which was a lifting session. I’ve been feeling it’s been a little to much with 5 workouts a week due to my heavy work schedule so now Lucas has decreased it to 4 times a week and we’ll see if that make me less tired and stronger.
Then I went out in the afternoon cause it’s been summer warm again and I did some shopping for me and Johan. I love to buy clothes for Johan and my boys and now when the spring outfits are out it’s perfect to get some new stuff for everyone. For me I got a wonderful colorful jacket and two pink tops. Love pink when the sun gets out and I actually look good in pink.
Then I went to fix my face at my dear friends salon. Soon a video shoot is coming up so want to look and feel perfect for that.
Tomorrow I work day shift so early to bed tonight and luckily I only work until Friday then I have 3 new off days, yay!
Today’s outfit; dress Dondup, biker leggings Other stories, sneakers Veja, bag Balenciaga, sunglasses Gucci, ring YSL and ear rings Balenciaga