Hey all!
My work weekend is on and today I have done a day shift and it’s been a full day so quite tired both in my legs and head. But it’s still weekend and that’s always nice no matter if it’s my work weekend or I’m off work.
After work I went to buy some groceries and tonight we’ll eat a nice beef and if you didn’t know it I LOVE meat! Could never be a vegetarian (sorry all vegans and vegetarians) cause I love it and always have. So beef with oven cooked potatoes, carrots and tomatoes tonight is gonna be yummie.
Now sitting and resting a bit before I’m doing this weeks last workout and today it’s a lifting session and also handstand exercises on the schedule. Tomorrow no workout but working the evening shift.
Today’s outfit: coat Acne studios, jeans Toteme, blouse Ahlvar gallery; short jacket with the bow Gina Tricot, sneakers and bag Golden goose and
Sunglasses Polaroid