Back problems

Hey all!

I’m home from work today due to me hurting my back during my Crossfit session last Sunday. Did some lifts and got terrible pain in my left side of my body and as the session moved on it just got worse and worse. In the evening I couldn’t barely move without sobbing and the whole night was horrible. Couldn’t turn from side to side and this continued yesterday. Now I’m taking some anti inflammatory pills and resting as much as I can since that’s when I feel quite ok. Tried to get up and go to work today but since I have a job that’s lifting and walking all day I couldn’t do it.

So me and my boys are at home and I’m lying studying for that shitty exam I have missed a couple of times.

But these photos are from Saturday and our beach afternoon when I felt great!

Bikini from H&M



I’m so sorry to hear that your back is in pain. I hope you feel better very soon. ❤️ Love these beach photos! 💜💜
Thank you for more photos at the beach! You look lovely and fit! I'm so sorry to hear about your injury and I hope you heal fast! 😊
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