My fascination for "darker stuff". Where did it came from? How can you love that? Why? Many questions, not as many answers.

I've been into the darker stuff of the world for quite some years now. I have no idea how it started or who influenced me.   I only know that I developed a fascination for things like skulls, bones, graveyards, coffins, devils, ghosts, zombies etc. I even got a skull tattooed on me not that long ago.                                                                                                                                                     The weird thing with me though is that I'm scared as fuck for horror movies and spiders. I can handle being on a graveyard at midnight (as long as I'm not alone with hundreds of dead bodies) but when a spider brings me a dvd of "The Exorcist", I'll most likely run for my life. 

​"When I'm outside at night, I feel alive"

Is it a weird thing that I love being outside at night? No, I don't mean twerking my ass off in some kind of dance club. I mean just sitting under a tree or walking through the streets. I enjoy it so much when I'm walking through a forrest with only the moon reflecting some light, covering my head as much as possible in the hood of my vest and listening to calm music (which in my case is Avenged Sevenfold, Nirvana, Bullet For My Valentine etc.). I guess I just love the dark a little more then the daylight.

"It's okay to be fascinated..."

To finish this post I'd like to say that you should never judge someone because of a "weird" fascination they have. It's okay to be fascinated but it isn't okay to judge someone because of that. Besides, I bet everyone on this planet has something "weird" which they're very passionate about.

Thanks for reading and hopefully till next time!

Greetings, Andy H.