Tack Övis

After me graduating from Övis and now my brother, our time at Vasa Övningsskola has come to an end. Reflecting on my time during the six years I have to say that I am happy with all the choises I’ve made. For some people lower secondary is the worst time of their life, not for me. For me to take the step to change school district did not come as a obvious choice, however, I am greatful to my two friends who encourage me to follow them. The friends I got during the first three years was the friends I needed to grow as a person. During my high school years I again made a big decision to apply and getting in to the IB. During these three years I met friends for life. Building from the previous years I grew to become more independent, started to form an own opinion, and starting to truly realise that the world is neither black nor white. These building stones have also made me come to the conclusion of what I want to do in life. I am exited to see where the road takes both me, my brother, and cousin.




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