Stussy the new star

Wassup! When I was in Helsinki I bought my Stussy hat. Today I decided to take some photos of me wearing it. Stussy is one of the new stars in the street style "world". You can see many celebrities and street fashion bloggers wear Stussy clothes. I own one stussy t-shirt besides this hat and well I love it BUT the big minus is that you can not wash it. I am a little disappointed in brands that make their clothes unwashable, the same goes for Hood By Air. My Hood By Air sweater is white but I can not wash it so I don't use it alot and that is sad (I will show you a picture of the sweater some day). Stussy clothes are in the market for 20€ to around 400€ (men's clothes are more expensive). This hat was I believe 36€ and my t-shirt was about 50€. I also wore my new black pants from Mango. I love them! I will use them a lot under the summer with crop tops etc. But before that I will have to shorten them because now I have to use them with my highest heels.




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